There Is No Fool Like A Careless Gambler Who Starts Taking Victory For Granted. – Hunter S. Thompson

7 Basic Cons to Get Your Cash

It's not always lucky number 7.

You may be convinced no one will con you out of your hard-earned cash. 

Good for you. 

It is good to be one step ahead of the grubby thief who isn't interested in earning his own money when, like a vulture, they circle high in the sky waiting for their next prey to fall and they swoop. 

We all feel we won't be their next victim. 

However, even the most careful person can fall prey to their clever deceptions. 

In truth, many of these corrupt individuals are masters at their ''trade''. They have honed their skills to understand the human condition and how to use every angle to get your cash off you. 

Here are 7 simple approaches the classic conman will use to rob you blind:


The classic gamble ''find the lady'' where the unsuspecting gambler has the seemingly simple objective of finding the queen from two other playing cards. This distraction scam means you have zero chance of winning and as it is known as a ''polite mugging.''

If you see a crowd of punters having fun on the corner of the street and you see someone winning easy cash appreciated you are the marked man to lose.  

Social Compliance 

We can easily fall prey to an authority figure. From men in white coats pretending to be a doctor to the waiter who takes your card and disappears into the ether. You give the keys to your £250,000 Lamborghini to what you think is the car park attendant. 

Question the credentials of everyone.      

Herd Principle

It's true, people are in actual fact sheep - who love to follow each other. If the crowd is having the time of their life and they encourage you to join in the fun don't be surprised if it's a costly endeavour. 


So often conmen will make you an offer you can't refuse and steal your cash knowing you are implicated in illegal activity and cannot go to the police. 


The classic note on the door of premises saying it is broken and to call a number and the conman arrives to help with the delivery, often getting the unsuspecting van driver, to help unload the boxes. 

They and the items are never seen again.

Need And Greed 

If someone knows what you want, they can manipulate you. And the more desperate you are for something the easier you are to con.

The rich lady comes into the casino showing off her £10,000 diamond ring. She goes away. A male counterpart arrives and notices the ring and tells the barman. The lady phoned to say she lost the ring. The man asks if there is a reward and she says yes. She politely asks the barman to keep hold of the ring but give the gentleman £50 and she will come and collect the ring and give him the money. The ring is worthless and the couple is never seen again.   

Time Pressure 

No time to think - the chances are you will make the wrong decision which often means being parted from your hard-earned cash. 

You think you won't be scammed. Each year, one in twenty (5%) of the UK population fall victim to these techniques at a cost of 3.5 billion pounds.

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