There Is No Fool Like A Careless Gambler Who Starts Taking Victory For Granted. – Hunter S. Thompson

How To Win Almost Every Online Casino Game

Online casino gambling has gained popularity over a very short period. It is the perfect place to have fun and add an entertainment quotient to a boring life. On top of that one can real cash with entertainment and cash. However, not all casino games are winnable. People may lose their money quite significantly if not played properly. In this article, we will provide pro tips that will lead you to win almost every casino game. So, without further ado let’s get started. 

Pick from Only the Best Casinos 

The basic fundamental to winning a game is the choice of game. It is an old saying if you are trained perfectly half the battle is won. The same goes for online casino games. Players must research most of the casino games available online. How are their payout schemes, what deposits are required, how much time it takes for withdrawals, compatibility of the game on different devices, what offers do they have so on, and so forth? 

Choose Games that are Played by a Low Number of Players 

This sounds a little odd, but trust us how this helps we will explain you in a bit. Popular games attract many players. So, the chances of winning that particular popular game are divided by many players. As result, you become at the fraction of the winning streak which means your winning chances are far more minimized. 

Choose Games that have Low Winning 

This is also wired! Right? No, if players opt for high-value games there is a chance of high losses as well. Contrary, if a player chooses low winning games chances of high losses is minimized. Furthermore, with low-winning games, you can practice for a longer time and acquire the required skill set. Nevertheless, winning low winning games for a longer time will eventually add up to a large sum. 

Play Tourney 

Yes, in Tourney most players don’t have a slight idea of this. Tourneys are tournaments or championships with high winning potential. Most casinos offer free to enter tourneys. They are of course time taking but let you practice more and give wining without any deposits. Also, tourneys are arranged multiple times in a day so the player can choose their favorite slots. 

Keep Eye on Opponents 

It is important to notice what strategies are implemented by your opponent. By studying your opponent’s move you can decide whether to play further or not with the same opponent or should move to a different table. Also, you can block his gameplay by holding his favorite number or card according to the game you are playing. 

Take Breaks 

If you are consistently losing games, it’s time to take a break. We are aware that such situations are frustrating and give birth to an emotion of earning more. However, players should stop playing in such a circumstance to avoid huge losses. Also, breaks help minimize stress and improve concentration. This leads to better decision-making that is required for winning the game.

Betting from My Bed

Betting from My Bed
I'm not sure if I should talk about this. 

I remember once seeing John McCrirrick on TV, it was a Sunday, and he was working from his bed. It was like a lay-in but getting on with the day's work, too. A number of tabloids spread about, a pot of tea, laptop resting on his legs, covered by a blanket, as he sat upright, next to him the Boobie (what he fondly called his wife). 

He was always his own man and I liked that about him. 

I hope I have detailed this scene correctly as it was many years ago. 

My old brain isn't what it used to be. 

Anyway, I find I am working more and more from my bed. 

I'm not sure if it is laziness or comfort. It could be both. Considering I'm a productive person I wouldn't put it down to laziness. It sounds slovenly. A sloth-like character, moving so-so slow, tapping keys on the keyboard, and the space bar is on delay. My little face beaming brightly like I've found a pot of honey up a tree. Or is it a raspberry cheesecake. 

And you thought only porn stars worked from their bed. 

Working from the comfort of the crib is a luxury few people can enjoy. 

Get a cup of tea, a slice of cake, and get ready for the next horse race to start. 

My bedroom is very stylish and has the look of an upmarket hotel. So I feel like I'm on vacation. Without the sea view. Unfortunately. 

Perhaps one day I won't be able to get out of bed. Old age struck me down like a sloth falling out of the branches of a tree. As long as my brain works, my fingers move (just a little) I can, hopefully, make a living from the skills I have acquired over the years. 

So the next time someone says they earn a living from the comfort of their bed. Don't raise your eyebrows in surprise. Because something tells me that more people than you imagine actually work from nine-to-five in their kingsize billet. 

I can feel a yawn coming on. 

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Lady Luck - Great Yarmouth Style

Lady Luck - Great Yarmouth Style
We all need a bit of luck. 

If we can't feel the touch of the opulent four-leaf clover, please, don't let us be struck down by adversity. Now, some gamblers scoff at those who say they got a raw deal. From a gambling perspective, horse racing can be one of those punts that sees your hair turn grey overnight, and then the next day you pull it out. 


Because your horse traveled like a winner but got stuck behind a wall of horses. This wasn't any normal wall it was like Hadrian had built it just to piss you off. In fact, if it had been a steeplechase not only would the wall be wide it would be tall. 

Touching the clouds so even Red Rum would be hanging on to the top, shoes glinting silver, refusing to refuse any fence. 

Anyway, at times, we all need a little bit of something. I would rather be lucky when I have a potential big win rather than a paltry sum. 

Who wouldn't?

At the casino, Lady Luck may appear as a man called John, who has a handlebar mustache, and looks like he's crawled out of a bush. He gave you a £5 chip because he thought your luck was even worse than his. 

Sometimes you see a beautiful lady at the casino who, for all we know, could be Lady Luck. 

I mean, I am convinced bearded wonder, John, was my Lady Luck, so a Bella Donna could well be the real deal. 

My cousins love to play three-card poker at the Grosvenor Casino and one of the blokes next to him sees a gorgeous lady watching them play and looking for a little bit of Lady Luck asked her to touch his cards. 

She did and the cards were turned over to reveal a run on the bounce. 

I think it paid about 30/1 (not sure about the odds as I play the game so infrequently I can't remember and too lazy to look).

They were all smiles. 

See, Lady Luck is living and breathing at Great Yarmouth. 

As she walked away to make someone else's day my cousin said to the winner: ''I bet you wish she touched something else.''

I'm not sure if Dame Fortune goes quite that far on the first date.

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How to Bluff in Casino Games?

How to Bluff in Casino Games? Bluffing is an integral part of any casino game. It provides players with an extra edge when the circumstances of the games are against the player. The casinos are now online and it is evident that players ask this question. Is bluffing possible in online gambling? We will give answers to this particular question in this article. So don't miss any words. 

Benefits of Bluff 

Before answering the above question, we would like to share some advantages of bluffing in online casino games. Bluffing is nothing but fooling the opponent into consideration that you have a high probability to win this game no matter what. Players perform such bluffing by betting a big amount as they have perfect cards or situations to win this game. In reality, players have poor cards or situations that will not be in favor of them. Such tactics make other players uncomfortable, leading them to fold the game resulting in your winning. 

This is a marvelous tactic that seizes a win from the mouth of failure. Nevertheless, buffing requires skills. It is successful only when a player is effective in executing it. If a player bets big when he has favored circumstances then the opponent will be aware of your gameplay and will fold immediately seeing your aggressive betting. Simultaneously, if you bet aggressively at all games all the time people will not track your gameplay and will be bluffed immediately. However, the player needs to choose precisely when to bluff and when to not and there is a thin line between both of them. Now we are coming to the answer that you all are waiting for. 

Is bluffing possible in online casino games? 

The precise answer is yes you can. However, the explanation of this simple answer is a bit complicated. The real answer is, that it is dependent on the choice of game, an opponent, and takes into consideration other circumstances. Some online casino games such as Blackjack and Baccarat are bluff-proof. This means in such games bluffing doesn't work. Nevertheless, in other games like Poker, 3 Cards, 13 Cards, etc there are high chances that other players are winning big because of bluffing. The million-dollar and relevant question is how and when to do it? 

How to bluff online casino games? 

The answer is, that it is the same as the physical gameplay. A bluffing player who raises the stake of the game beyond his hand truly deserves and manipulates another player to fold his game. Moreover, the bluffing player needs to access several other information about the opponent and game circumstances before starting bluffing. Some things do not work in online casino games like players could not act confident as another player can't see. Also, what cards you hold and what might be another player's card will be must be taken into consideration. Nevertheless, bluffing does not work all the time. But buffing is popularly practiced amongst all gamblers worldwide. We just want to say bluffing is possible but it needs practice and a wise decision.

Importance of Frequent Breaks While Casino Gambling

The recent innovation in science and technology has impacted every aspect of life. Nevertheless, casinos are no exception. With the use of technology, physical and rare gambling spots are now online and virtual. They are easily available at the fingertips of any individual. In addition, such online gambling portals are easy to use, user-friendly, have the maximum winning capacity, flexible to play, and don’t require stepping out of the home. It has also enabled endless winning capacities but in contrast, it consumes a lot of time and has bad effects on the body and mind of the player. The adverse effects of online casinos can be reduced dramatically with the help of frequent breaks. We will discuss all the details about the benefits of breaks between casino gambling in this article. 


Continuous gambling leads to anxiety and lethargy. Breaks improve your mental condition and refresh your state of mind. Much research confirms the improved engagement, concentration, and, encouragement after breaks. 


Frequent breaks also induce creativity. In the light of creativity, players can come up with different ideas and ways to tackle problems. Such creative solutions can boost players to overcome challenging situations. Resulting in the maximum win. 

Improved Learning 

Breaks will allow memory to consolidate your moves and gameplay. With the help of consolidated moves and gameplays, players can apply learned tactics from previous games to the present game with similar circumstances. It will also imbibe new gaming skill learning for great winnings. 


Continuous gaming has a bad effect on reasoning and willpower. Breaks will allow recovery of reasoning ability. This will surely help players to earn more. Breaks are also helpful to rest your body. 

How and When to Take Breaks 

Ideally, every 45 mins to 60 mins of gameplay are enough for fatigue and stress. So, it is important to have breaks in such times. A minimum of 5 minutes of break is advised, however, taking a long break is useful. If you are losing continuously 5 to 6 games you should take a break immediately. In the situation of hypertension, a player should take longer breaks. 

Break Types 

There is a variety of break types. Players must use either one or mix and match according to their requirements. 

Walking Breaks 

Players usually sit on a spot and play their favorite games. It is important to give some exercise to your body as well. Walking is the easiest form of exercise and does not require any type of equipment. Walking also induces higher thinking capability that can be used in gambling. 

Meditation Breaks 

Meditation is used to improve brainpower. With the help of meditation, a player can improve their concentration and reduce stress. Meditation boosts gameplay dramatically. 

Nap and Socializing Breaks 

Usually taking a power nap of 15 - 30 mins is strongly suggested. Naps are beneficial to both body and mind to relax. Naps also improve the immune system and reduce/recover body injuries. Socializing breaks take the player away from games and bring them back to gambling with new energy and enthusiasm.

24-Hours Gambling at Great Yarmouth

24-Hours Gambling at Great Yarmouth
I've had many wonderful times at Great Yarmouth. 

You know, if it hadn't been for my family holidays at Caister-on-Sea, staying at the Haven Holiday Park, I doubt I would have ever visited this part of the Norfolk coast. 

What a loss that would have been. 

Great Yarmouth is a destination I visit a number of times each year. In truth, as it was for my Dad, on our family holiday, which coincided with the Eastern Festival in September, we go for gambling.

But there's so much more... 

From my experience of being in Nelson country, I've worked out the best places to go, and if you give me a day off, for a change, here's exactly what I would do to enjoy the perfect 24-hours Gambling at Great Yarmouth

Here's the itinerary: 

Travel by train from my Fenland home via Ely, Norwich, and Great Yarmouth. 

I love the Bittern Line, Acle Straight, for the wildlife and open landscape dotted with redundant water pumps. For years I thought they were windmills, which in ways they are, but used to pump water rather than milling grain. 

From the railway station, we get a taxi to our hotel. 

Now, you may be wondering which hotel I favour.  I've stayed at many including The Marine Lodge, Star Hotel, The Haven, The Prom Hotel, Nelson Hotel, Embassy Hotel, The Comfort Hotel & Palm Court Hotel. 

A decent number. 

The hotel of choice, irrespective of cost, is Andover House Hotel, Camperdown. The road leads to the front and is one of many Victoria houses. It is one of the best parts of the town and walking distance to everywhere you need to go.

Andover House Hotel is well kept and you can guarantee a quiet stay - exceptional service. It may cost a little more than most but you definitely get what you pay for and I've had too many nights elsewhere suffering from sleepless nights with less than amiable clientele.  

If you go for one of the suites or attic room you will be pleased with the decision. In addition, they have an excellent restaurant called the Copper Kitchen. 

It's very much a family business and I love the place. 

Now, where would we be without the gambling part? 

To be fair, I'm not a crazy gambler and been known to go to Great Yarmouth horse racing and not have a bet all day. In fact, it happens more than not. 

It doesn't stop me having fun and there is always a crowd of us. Often we are there for the Eastern Festival which covers three beautiful days of racing in the middle of September including Ladies' Day. I've been lucky enough to be there with my gorgeous partner, Marlene, who lives in West Palm Beach, Florida, where I reside for much of the year. She has been one of the top ten finalists of The Best Dressed Ladies' Competition in the last two years and it really has made everything so special.

She is such an amazing, special and beautiful lady. 

After the horse racing, we get a taxi back to the hotel. We always book Albie's Taxis as they are so reliable. 

A little rest and freshen up back at the hotel before an evening out. 

So where to go for dinner?

I can imagine you are saying your recommendations. 

Guess where we are going?

I know many will have enjoyed this amazing restaurant. 


It's literally around the corner from Andover House. You will need to book up. It looks nothing special from the exterior and you could walk past without realising its a restaurant. If you haven't been there before, you have missed out because it is very special. 

You won't be disappointed. 

The place has a touch of bling, very good food and service is as professional as it gets.

It isn't expensive and you really will be delighted you paid about £10 extra because I haven't been to any other restaurants in Great Yarmouth which compares. 

At about 10pm we walk about one-hundred metres to the Grosvenor Casino on Marine Parade. 

The casino is a listed building and it offers a touch of class. The staff is exceptional, the costs of food, drinks and anything you wish minimal. 

In fact, if you take your racing badge you get a free alcoholic drink and match bets. 

It's like being paid £10 simply walking through the door. 

The gaming room features all the casino classic such slots, roulette, three-card poker, blackjack, and some Chinese game I don't understand. 

After a couple of hours at the casino (depending on the winning or losing), it's time to walk the short distance back to the Andover House Hotel.  

I like to book the hotel for a couple of days so I don't have to worry about getting out of bed early. 

Then it's time to get Albie's taxi to the train station, perhaps stop for an hour or two at Norwich, and back home via Ely to the windswept Fens. 

Truly money well spent. 

Thank you Great Yarmouth for all the beautiful memories and so many more to come.

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Photo: Taken at West Palm Beach, Florida (Phipp's Beach)

By Hook Or By Crook

Frequenting casinos you meet a mix of people. A melting pot of the good, bad and ugly of life; from billionaires to the tramp on and off the street.  

I guess that's why I love a gamble. 

The thought of seeing someone win a fortune, or arrive with a bundle of cash and walk out with a dollar in their pocket (and that's when they live in the UK). 

My good friend has never been as popular since he lost his lower arm in a threshing machine. This chap from the Fens opted for a traditional hook instead of a fancy robotic limb. A brass adaption, polished to a mirror finish. A beast of an arm with a touch of bling. The kind of thing that would mesmerise an assailant before bringing them down. 

To add to the spectacle, he had a number of adaptions specific for the casino. The hook made to hold a pint and rake for the roulette. 

He'd never been so popular. 

How many times do you see a man with a hook at the roulette table? 

Dressed in a bespoke suit which cost a few grand. For added panache and verdant chatter he'd wear a patch over one eye to resemble a pirate. Nubile women would be told stories of being lost at sea, finding a treasure map where x marked the spot and outlandish tales that his arm had been bitten off by a great white shark, pulled off by a giant squid or butchered by a rabid dodo with a beak as sharp as a cut-throat razor. 

Whatever the situation that hook literally opened doors. 

The Captain, as he was fondly named, rubbed shoulders with royalty. Dined with the great and the good. Was given free money to bet at the casino just to bring in the gambling whales and a bevvy of beauties who'd hang on his good arm.

Once, Doris Day took delight in rubbing his stiff hook. 

If you ever have the misfortune of losing an arm, then don't forget the story of gambler Captain Hook. 

The times I would see him walking home from a night at the Grosvenor Casino Great Yarmouth. 

Many a tourist thinking they'd witnessed a vision of Lord Nelson. 

Sometimes the traditional hook is better than an arm. A rake more effective at sweeping chips into a large pocket. 

Gambling: I've Done My Nuts!


''I've done my nuts''

No, not me personally, but I'm sure plenty of punters have uttered those words. 

I remember years ago, in the owners & trainers marque at Great Yarmouth racecourse, sitting down having a beer, a couple of northern lads took a seat and one looked very quiet, unsettled, if not a touch moody. 

His mate smiled and said: ''He's bet too much and had a bad day.'' 

I didn't say much beyond: ''It happens!''

One bloke lost his shirt, another done his nuts. I wonder what other parts of the anatomy have been referred to gambling losses?

I've made a few balls ups over the years. 

I think I heard someone say they'd had their pants pulled down but I'm not really sure where that happened or if it had anything to do with horse racing.

The mind boggles. 

Without question, gambling can be hard work, in the sense of time and effort needed to beat the layers, and the misery if you lose a bundle of cash. 

In our garden, we have a number of bird seed feeders, full with sunflower hearts. They attract a wide range of birds including goldfinches, green finches, even a siskin and brambling. Along side, a couple of squirrels. I used to try to stop them eating the food but felt sorry for them over the winter so let them tuck in. 

Our only deterant is Pip, an elderly Jack Russel with an iffy back leg, but the spirit of a rat-killing machine, who has been very successful in chasing the squirrels away. Also, the new addition, a black and white cat called Tottie, who initially got in a fight with a baby squirrel but since been terrified of them. 

Pip was akin to our Exocet missile, which we'd deploy whenever a squirrel was seen to be eating too much food. We'd open the door, she would hurtle out as fast as three and a half legs can take her (pretty fast) and the rodent would jump from the seed feeder onto the fence and disappear up a silver birch tree. 

However, the baby squirrel, whose clearly a little bit braver than its mother, decided it wasn't going anywhere, perhaps buoyed by its victory over Tottie in the red corner, glued to the seed feeder, two feet above the head of a barking Pip, it simply kept on eating braving it out, knowing that unless it loses its grip and falls Earthward life is good. 

Our furry Exocet missile made redundant by a Nelson-like resolve. 

Outwitted by a squirrel.

Is this a reflection of the gambling mindset?

That sometimes you have to be a brave gambler to beat your opposition by simply being more battling in your discipline. 

Should you bet to win rather than bet not to lose?

Would you benefit from being a braver gambler or would it leave you prone to having your pants pulled down?

Gambling, hey.

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Don't Tell the Wife I'm at the Casino

Sure, you often see a lady at the casino.

Even at Great Yarmouth's Grosvenor Casino on the coastline of Nelson's country, that's Norfolk for those without any knowledge of maritime history, geography, or loss of compass. 

In fact, I have seen many beautiful women at the casino. Some arm candy, others ruthless gamblers, and even a few husbands and wives. I have been to the said location on a number of occasions. 

I have been with the most beautiful lady of them all, my amazing Marlene. We stayed at Andover House Hotel, located at Camperdown, in the Attic Room. I do love that place. Unlike many hotels in this neck of the woods, you can guarantee your crib won't be adjacent to a room of nutcases, drug addicts, alcoholics or maniacs who just love to chat all night until they get into an argument at around 3am, and they finally go to sleep. Strangely, these people are the first up, enjoying a quiet, almost serene breakfast, a delight, while you look like you've crawl from a coffin, the two matchsticks holding up your eyelids have snapped and all those pleasantries you should be saying have gone for a burton. 

Never pay for a cheap room because I hate to say it, you will probably be sharing a partitioning wall with people of cheap standards, morals, and intelligence. 

From my understanding of gambling, most men try to keep it quiet. They would tell the vicar but they wouldn't tell the wife. I presume because they have lost so much money that their spouse has put two and two together and by your calculations realised you have lost a couple of grand. 

And she isn't very happy about it. 

(Conversely, they are good at sniffing out winnings, too!).

This may sound a sexist comment, but I associate most women gamblers with bingo. And you know what, she sees you as one of two little ducks (quack, quack) in the sense that you need psychiatric help because only Sigmund Freud and your mother can understand why you keep going back for more punishment. 

Like an episode of Only Fools & Horses, you leave a timeless casino to daylight and your eyes, brain, and pocket adjust to a fleeting moment of loss.

You didn't realise the time but your wife does and she'll never let you forget it. If you aren't being accused (probably, rightly so) of losing the family silver, you've been sniffing around some tart without a heart who has short arms and deep pockets, ample bosom, and guzzles cocktails like a farmer's tractor consumes red diesel. 

So you never, ever, want to let your better half know you are going to the casino because you will pay a much more expensive price than pounds, shillings, and pence. 

You'd ask her to join you, but you know your ''friends'' at the casino are not her type. I mean your wife has evolved beyond the primordial soup and her knuckles don't drag along the floor. 

So you choose the only option left and saying anything but the truth. 

You nip out for a quick beer with the lads (1-hour playing blackjack).  

It's curry night with the boys from work (2-hours sitting next to Dev whose having a great evening playing 3-card poker).

The cherry on the cake is your uncle's birthday which takes place (coincidentally) in Great Yarmouth and it goes on over the whole weekend. 

You know your wife cannot stand to be in the company of ''that man'' so it gives you the perfect alibi to take a quick left and right, via the cash machine and you're welcomed like a long-lost son by the manager to this gambler's haven of joy. 

The things you have to have a ''good'' night out.

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The Bald Bloke & Dating Agency

Nothing is what it seems. 

Do you believe that people who make lots of money have laser focus, finding their niche and can, almost, see into the future?

It's all based on intelligence and being the wisest owl in a barn of owls. 

What do you think?

This is the assumption most people hold. The layman, you and me. We fall into the illusory hole that this is the way most people make lots of money while others fail miserably. It's like a Victorian thought that people who begged on the street were there simply because they were stupid rather than the fact they had few if any life chances. The Lord of the Manor wasn't, fundamentally, any different to the homosapien who was similarly made of blood, sweat and tears. 

This assumption is very often wrong.  

Often these individuals or companies aren't particularly gifted to the point they were correct about much at all. 

In fact, their original business idea evolved into something different and may even have taken a very illogical path to great fortune. 

This could well be the case for your gambling insight too. Because that original idea may well evolve to something you didn't even consider. 

I've heard this story many times before. 

For example, Viagra was originally developed as a cure for baldness. It was only when subjects were asked for their feedback that a good few men and their partners had a glint in their eye, if not a big smile on their faces. 

''By the way, I did notice something unusual.''

Quickly the thought of considering baldness was swiftly forgotten with the thought of making exceptional profits with an erection via a pill. 

It's a similar story with YouTube. It was always going to be a platform for uploading videos but in those early days the creators were looking to make the platform more popular and it was something akin to a dating platform. In fact, adverts were placed on Craig's List for young, nubile women to make videos of themselves to be uploaded on YouTube for the fee of $100. It was only later that they realised this was a bad idea and the uploading of videos took off under its own steam. 

Within a year, YouTube's founders sold the company to one of Google's subsidiaries for $1.65 billion. 

The story is very similar to Pixar who make all these amazing computer-generated films. For years the company made no money at all and Steve Jobs had to put his hand in his pocket based on the hope and dream of those who hoped technology would catch up with what simply couldn't happen at the time. From a part of the company that looked to have little hope of progressing anywhere it become the dominant money maker.

The tale of this story is to appreciate that the best ideas aren't born from that initial inception. They often evolved over time taking direction from pure luck and serendipity. 

If you want to learn more about this phenomenon, then you may wish to read Peter Sim's book Little Bets

What better subject matter for gambler with a dream.

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Have You Ever Regretted Going to a Casino?

Now, there's a question.

For me, personally, and yes I'm telling the truth, no. The reason for that is I don't bet much so I have little to lose and the free drinks, bets, atmosphere and night are worth a loss of £60 without too much concern. 

Clearly, I don't want to lose a penny. And, thankfully, I have been lucky on many occasions and, believe it or not, I'm winning money from the casino. 

I think I have had one or two times when I lost £60 and felt a bit annoyed if not a touch frustrated by the evening. Mainly because my approach to gambling on the roulette is particularly boring so I need a win to feel justified in playing at all. 

It's all swings and roundabouts, hey. Although I feel quite comfortable with a loss I have got so used to breaking even or winning a small amount of cash that I do feel I will return to my hotel a winner. 


However, what would I think if I turned up to the casino with £1000 and thought I'm having a good go at making a couple of grand if not more. 

I can imagine you saying: ''Don't do it.''

Think of your mother and what she would say if she found out.

The thought of betting £1000 at the casino doesn't motivate me at all. In fact, I am pretty sure I would return losing and feel very annoyed at my own stupidity. 

So, I still to my paltry sums. 

But consider for a moment the number of people who go to the casino and lose a monkey. That's £500 to those who don't know their animal to money conversion rate. There must have been thousands if not millions of punters who have done that. 

Probably a good few who only had £500 in the bank. 

How would that feel the next day?

I can imagine you would feel quite regretful if not a bit stupid in ways. 

Perhaps you wouldn't give two stuffs. Water off a duck's back. Easy come easy go. 

Each to their own. 

The funny thing is I have bet a few thousand pounds on a horse before. Thankfully all those big bets made a profit. 

The difference with betting on the horses is that it is skill-based. 

Anyway, I can safely say, I will never go to the casino and lose £1000. 

The only way that is possible is if I become a multi-millionaire and even then I like to think I wouldn't bet that kind of cash. 

Let's face it, it doesn't take long to lose a million pounds at a thousand pounds a time. 

If you have lost that much cash, I bet you feel regretful. 

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Three Card Poker at Grosvenor Casino Great Yarmouth

You've heard of Las Vegas. 

Lincolnshire has Skeg Vegas.

Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, has the racecourse, a couple of casinos and plenty of candyfloss for those with a little bit of bunce. 

I can't say I've ever been to the Palace Casino, at Church Plain, Great Yarmouth. I've walked past the top of the road a lot of times, as I travel from the railway station to the Market Square, often to Regent Road, which is a tourist trap for a bunker-load of tat. Just like all coastal towns, it's about all the fun of the fair. 

Anyway, back to the subject. 

Destination Grosvenor Casino, Marine Parade.

I do love this listed building and the staff are always exceptional. 

Three-card poker. 

I can't say I'm a fan of the game. It isn't based on skill, you're simply dealt three cards and it's win or lose; playing against the dealer and the hand you hold. That's the cards not you're mum when crossing the road. Although you may need both if you lose your nicely pressed shirt. 

Basically, your winning or losing depends on getting a prial or straight flush. I can't say I even know the exact price to chance for a prial, which is three cards of the same suit. Pretty sure it is 35/1. 

If not, I'm wrong. 

I have played 3-card poker a couple of times. My cousins love the game and have won a lot of money (and probably lost a lots, too). Amazingly, I am winning money at the Grosvenor Casino playing roulette. It's based on luck but it's a fact. 

Playing three-card poker (not as exciting as brag) is like sitting at a conveyor belt. The deals come round quickly, and you can lose a lot of money if you don't have much luck. I played for an hour or two and had a string of good hands. 

A prial. 

Good news. 

But what surprised me was the small amount of money I won. 

I couldn't have had much more luck so I expected more winnings. Yes, I know, don't we all. But it's the truth. 

As with all casino games, the longer you play the more likely you are to lose. And that's the case with three-card poker. 

In my humble opinion, roulette is a much better game to play because you can easily sit out spins, and kind of predict your chance of winning by, let's say, betting on a single number, rather than simply hope you get a brilliant hand with the poker. 

If I'm going to be lucky, I'd rather predict my winnings will be at 35/1. 

It's good to try a different game but I'll stick to what I know. 

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Don't Go For Broke with this Idea

When gambling, never take the option: Go For Broke.

Yes, I'm the master of stupid questions. 

As a child, I used to play the board game: Go For Broke, made by MB. The game you play with friends and family to lose a million as fast as you can. The first to lose a fortune wins the game. I can't help but imagine if given the opportunity to choose your dream board-game candidates I'd choose the following four players: John McCrirrick, J P McManus, Terry Ramsden and Julian Clary, backed by Norman Lomont.   

What a game that would be. 

I can remember playing Go For Broke. 

There was something very satisfying about losing a million rather than winning one, which is so last year. 

I see that MB Milton Bradley may no longer manufacture the game as I see a new, snazzy, design, John Adam's Go For Broke by Ideal. 

Anyway, enough about ''The game you win by losing a million''

Clearly, if this happened in real life it would be a disaster and reason why we all need to find value when betting. 

So, after my daydreaming, you would rather back a given horse at 20/1 than 5/1?

Yes, the King of stupid questions.

But how can you possibly back a horse at giant odds and the next thing it is half those odds or shorter? 

It sound very mysterious, hey. If you are a user of the betting exchanges, you may wish to take advantage. Now, you need to have some idea why a horse might be backed and get on at big odds.

You may be saying: ''I've not got the slightest idea how I would be able to do it.''

To be fair it would be like finding The Key to the Kingdom (another less successful board game).

Here's the logic to using your skill to bet on horses at bigger odds rather than jump in at shorter odds. 

My reason, if you bet £100 at 20/1 and it's backed to half those odds, you could have a no-lose bet to win £1000 (for free). Take the opposite side of the coin where you bet on a horse at 20/1 and it drifts to 40/1. 

This sounds like the board game: Go For Broke. 

But laying the bet off as a loss would cost you £50. So in ways you have a lot more to gain by betting on a horse and hope it is backed to afford a no-lose bet. Clearly, you need some skill to anticipate a gamble but this could be something as simple as following the money. Or you may use statistics to help in this endeavour. 

Good luck.

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Questions And Answers Equal Success

The journey of a successful gambler is a road littered with hundreds of questions which need answers. Each one is helpful in giving the knowledge to turn you into a winner. Each loss, although frustrating, is the fuel, motivation, to appreciate what could that answer be. There might not be a perfect answer but you still need to find the best answer for each and every situation. Without answers you will struggle. 

Without answers you will be floating in the air, knee-jerk reactions your only hope, and they are pointless if not dangerous. 

Until you find the answers to the questions you have much to learn. 

For example, on horse racing, what do you say about a wide draw which may be negative?

You could simply not bet. But what happens if the horse wins at a big price? You've made a mistake. So although appreciating a bad draw is good it is also something that needs a little more thought than just not betting. 

This is the problem with so much gambling on skill-based sports. You need answers to questions but you need the flexibility to pick between the lines because there will be days when even in the face of potential negatives you should still be opting to bet.

Without thought and consideration you are likely to stop at the negative and you won't even allow yourself the chance to think beyond it. This is the difficulty you will face as a gambler who wants to improve and move to the next level. 

There are many such questions and answers. 

They may be condensed into guideline which become second nature. 

Ultimately, they should help you pick between the lines and make the right decisions. You will rarely have the exact answer to the question but, on balance, you will find an answer that makes you more money by missing less winning bets and knocking more losers on the head. 

Good luck. 

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Betting Like a Bumblebee

Betting Like a Bumblebee
Are we so different from the rest of the animal kingdom?

You may say: ''I'm no bumblebee, wasp or creepy crawly.''

I guess it's all about categorisation. The way we make sense of the world. Part of the human condition. It makes the obscure similar. For example, what do a tiger and a table have in common?

They both have four legs. 

You may retort: ''Well, what's all this about a Bumblebee betting?''

Is it an addy, like me? Instead of frothing at the mouth with the residue of ale and kebab, it's honey breath spits out: ''I'll have 10 petals to 1 on Jasperthewasp in the 6:55 Meadow Lands.''

Betting. Gambling. Chance. 

It's all about fractions - whether opportunity or loss. 

Perhaps I have a strange perspective about life. It may seem deranged. But I consider myself and the solitary bumblebee very similar. 

Because at the essence of life we are all betting on survival. Making the most of our lot and battling with hope to see out the day with good fortune. 

For many, even homo sapiens, the success of living that one extra day is the most splendid happening of life. It is not a given to young, old, rich, poor, man, woman, beast, or bumblebee.

Life is often a gamble we do not perceive or understand until it is too late. 

In that sense, we humans are probably a little less objective about our own mortality. Simply because we don't really want to think about our ultimate demise. But, in our lacking, we miss the opportunity to change. 

How many times, after receiving bad news, we wish we had changed. Why didn't I listen to someone who loved me enough to care? If only I could go back in time, the scales would fall from my eyes, to see the truth. 

For many, gambling has been such a topic of conversation. It was undertaken without serious consideration. It was a foolish endeavour. But for others, it was the best decision of their life. 

It was a strength of body and mind. 

When you see a bumblebee fly past on a hot summer's day stop for a moment and consider although different all life is very much the same. 

In truth, we are gambling that tomorrow will be a brighter day.

Let's hope for all creatures great and small, there is honey for tea.

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The Secret to Gambling Success

There is one thing which make a successful gambler.


Without value you could have ten winners on the trot and find you will still be struggling to make money long term. Value is the key. But it's a very difficult concept to understand and especially appreciate in a truthful manner. 

How do you know you have value within any bet? For instance, we just said that even having a string of winners may not indicate value long term. You may be saying well any winner has to be value by the fact it won. This is true. However, we only know this after the fact. We are always wiser in hindsight. But all bets, based on skill, cannot be viewed with such insight before the off. The only way we can try to assess value is by our knowledge and skill. If betting by random luck then we simply cannot win long term. It's possible if you buy that million pound lottery ticket but anything based on skill can be a measure of value. 

If betting on the exchanges, there are higher and lower prices on any given horse. This fluctuates with the money as it ebbs and flows. 

You have to take an opinion in your search for value. You have assess a given race and make your own book. If you feel the horse has a 2/1 chance and it drifts to 9/2 then that may well be a value bet, irrespective of win or loss. It's a strange concept to get your head around because you are looking for winners. However, in truth, the key is finding value. 

After researching horse trainers big and small, I have noticed that very few trainers have a win rate of 50% with short priced favourites. 

That's just 5 winners out of 10. 

So you have to consider that most punters are unlikely to have a 30% strike rate when betting, unless you are an odds-on backer and there is probably little value to be found there. 

This 30% indicates your starting point to finding value. 

In truth, most times I have made good money betting is when a big-priced selection wins. 

But, once again, there may be little value in a horse simply because it's 100/1.

So value is simply knowledge. And implementing your knowledge is a skill within a skill. 

Value is a term bandied around those who gamble. In truth many punters do not care about value. That is mainly because they do not have the knowledge or skill to understand what they are looking for. 

Those who have value in mind usually have a level or knowledge. 

I cannot detail enough the importance of looking for value when betting. It may be as simple as making a book or holding out and waiting for the horse you fancy to drift in the betting to get an extra point or two. However, that is a gamble in itself. If the horse is backed, you have missed the boat and that elusive value is even more remote. 

We live in a competitive world where your skill is witted against an ocean of layers you cannot see. However, their collective pool of knowledge is strong. But that doesn't mean you cannot take advantage of any situation. 

Knowledge is power. 

Value is the key to success.

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