The Gambler Who Bumps into you Twice

The casino is a melting pot of different people. 

That doesn't have to be a bad thing. It's nice to meet new people, have a chat, share your gambling highs and lows. It's good to be sociable. Who doesn't like to be part of the casino crowd?

However, it is often too easy to judge the world through your own eyes. How else are you going to judge it, you may say?


But you know something, the man who wears those oval pinked-lensed designer shades, he sees the world through rose-tinted glasses. 

Yes, even when they are pink. 

And that can be a problem. 


Because you just never know who is watching you, what's their story, what kind of person they are, and if they are sizing you up to take advantage. 

Now you may be saying: ''That's a pretty sinister way of viewing people and the world.''

You're right, it is. 

If everyone was Mother Teresa you wouldn't need to watch your back because she'd be there doing just that as she blessed you on your way. 

But it's something worthy of consideration when you don't know the people. 

You know who you are. 

You may know that you are a good, kind, and decent person. Perhaps someone watching from across the room sees the same thing and instead of seeing that as the positive, they see it as a good reason to take advantage of the next sucker in their line of sight.

There are lots of ways someone can get your attention, to start that conversation, and 99% of the people you meet won't be a problem. In fact, they could turn out to be a blessing. 

But always take note of that first introduction and how it comes about. 

The first sign that someone unfamiliar has stepped into your personal space or trying to make a connection. 

Always think about this because it's very important. 

If you are walking about the casino and someone bumps into you by mistake and apologises you may think nothing of it. But if the same thing happens a day or week later and the person registers with you and starts a conversation because they seem familiar. 

Be very careful of this person. 

The chances are, this was no accident, and they have an ulterior motive. 

If they stop to chat and take any interest in you. 

Simply walk away.

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It's Finally Happened...(Grosvenor Casino Great Yarmouth)

I'm all ears...

No, this isn't a conversation about Prince Charles and Camilla at the breakfast table. 

It's a moot point. I really don't feel like I want to to tell you about this gambling story but I have to out of common decency. 

After a string of wins at the Great Yarmouth Grosvenor Casino, the unthinkable has happened.  After a two-hour session playing roulette on one of the machine (trying to keep away from Coronavirus) I had to wave the white flag in defeat. 

So how much money had I lost? How many zeros should I stick after the number three?

Thankfully, it was simply £30. 

It isn't really a loss, hey, more of a slight inconvenience. I'm sure the bloke who lost three grand would be quite happy to have gone back to the moment of thirty quid. Poor soul. Perhaps a little bit of discipline may have helped on that score. 

I stuck to my guns on the number 30 (red). And, to be fair, it came up twice in the session but not ever close enough to put me in profit, so I could play with the casino's money. And little by little the credit went down and down...until it said zero. 

Considering about the last ten times I have won it was prime time to suffer a minor defeat. I'm still one of the very few who can say after going to the casino over the last few years, I'm still in profit to the tune of a few hundred quid. 

You know why I lost?

I picked the wrong number. 

Classic, hey. 

My approach is to pick a number that has come up a few times and I just stick with it for the long term. 

It's like investing in stocks and shares rather than the 2:40 at Kempton Park. 

If I had picked a couple of number (a short list) I would have been winning again. 

I know what you are saying: ''Well, everyone could say that!''

True, they could. 

I am confident I will be back soon(ish) and have another winning night. 

To be fair, I can play the roulette for a couple of hours but then I find it very boring. Even if I'm winning I can't play for no more than three hours.

It's just too much of the same thing - especially we me (Billy No Mates) stuck on my chosen single number for the duration. 

The highlight of the evening. Getting a promotional book of others for free bets, free drinks, match bets etc. 

And, the meal in the restaurant and drinks were 50% which made it as cheap as chips. 

You really need to get to the Grosvenor Casino at Great Yarmouth and take advantage of the offer. 

Easy money.

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Walk Your Own Pace

In this modern world of spin and self-promotion, you have to question what is true. 

It's like saying the person with the loudest voice is always correct. And social media is very much the same. The truth of most ''influencers'' and ''authorities'' should be taken with a pinch of salt. 

In fact, I would worry about anyone within the gambling world who needs to blow their own trumpet. 

I always remember my Dad saying if he knew something he wouldn't say a word but just walk around with a smile on his face. 

You have only to follow these so-called authorities to see that they get people to follow them with the promise of giving something to help them move forward, or ''you are within touching distance'' if you only buy this worthless piece of shit (that's served-up as the most expensive dish on the menu until it lands on your plate). 

Now, I know no one is going to give you the secret to their success for a paltry sum.

Who would? 

I have lots of information that I could sell for big money but wouldn't because it would simply do me more harm than good. And it would destroy the information which can only be looked upon as a delicate little flower that needs nurturing rather than trampled by heavy feet even if they are carrying suitcases full of cash. 

That's why logic details you are never going to get much for your small money. 

And the reason why you literally get what you pay for. If it's cheap - it's cheap. 

Not to say everything thing expensive is worthy of the price tag.

I often have punters ask me how to improve their gambling. I always do my best to help people and don't want anything in return. In giving we receive. However, the likelihood of me detailing anything of true worth is none. 

Why would I work thousands of hours to just give something away when many people just take without even a word of thanks. 

I remember giving one of very few tips - an each-way treble. It came up and one reader won a couple of grand. I received a thank you. Not a penny in reward for forwarding basically three easy winners. In fact, the only thing the person was interested in was getting more of the same. 

I imagine for free. 

Even if they had paid big money who wants that? I have no intention of working or being responsible for anyone's business. You couldn't pay me enough to even register an interest. 

You know what I said to myself: ''I am never giving any tips to anyone again.''

There are many good people in this world but sadly, from my experience, an equal number of takers who literally feel they are doing you a favour by reading your words. 

All of those who are true, real and decent people I thank you more than you will ever realise. 

People know who they are. 

If you are an out-and-out taker you can disappear into the wide blue yonder. 

I truly don't need anyone when it comes to my gambling because beyond talking to three people about horse racing I don't say a word. And to be fair, I don't say much to them about the finer details because what difference is it going to make to my life?

Firstly, I am so used to doing my own thing that even if a trusted trainer gave me the nod I wouldn't be keen to bet. 


Because I don't need it and I don't want it. 

Also, I am pretty confident from a global perspective I know more. Their weakness is knowing about their horse but often know little about the others. 

Also, there are many ways to understand the same thing. That comes from knowledge and a lifetime of experience.  

When someone asks me about how to be a better gambler. I suggest they just do it themselves and find their own angle. If you follow someone else's method or rely on someone else you are in a weak position. 

You basically know nothing.  

If you want to be the best gambler you can simply work harder.  

And when you get there simply keep quiet because others need you more than you need them. 

And that's exactly how you want it. 

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Great Yarmouth Grosvenor Casino Vs Great Yarmouth Racecourse

Great Yarmouth Casino Vs Racecourse
As a frequent visitor to Great Yarmouth, I am very familiar with both venues. In fact, I usually go to the racecourse and then enjoy an evening at the casino. 

In truth, I wouldn't favour one over the other because if you enjoy a day by the seaside and a bit of a gamble you really are in for a good time. 

To enjoy a day and night gambling at Great Yarmouth you really need to stay at one of the many hotels or bed and breakfasts. As this is a competitive market, you can get some great deals. Many of the best hotels are on the seafront. We have stayed at Andover House at Camperdown, which is, literally, a stone's throw from the Grosvenor Casino on Marine Parade, a walk of about two-hundred metres. 

Living about 50-miles from Great Yarmouth, in a small Fenland town, we get an early train changing stations at Ely and Norwich. It takes about two-and-a-half hours to get there and a pretty straightforward journey if chatting with friends. It's quite a scenic route through Thetford, Brundall Gardens, and the final stretch which runs parallel to the Acle Straight. There is a lot of wildlife as you head to Great Yarmouth, the open land busy with feeding livestock, horses, and an ornithologist's dream a landscape dotted with redundant water mills. 

We often get one of Albie's taxies from the railway station to the racecourse or stop off for a quick pint at the Feathers in town or The Avenue public house which is popular on a busy race day. 

We get to the racecourse about thirty minutes before the first race. 

It's always a good day at the races. In general, it isn't too busy and a nice crowd. Plenty of bookmakers and the price of entry is just about bearable. I do think the cost of entry to the members' enclosure at about £25 is on the steep side. If you book online you can get a few quid knocked off and there are concessions for students or retired. If you are a carer, assisting a racegoer, you can get in for free. 

They have some quality horseracing, especially a number of talented two-year-olds heading to the seaside course from large Newmarket yards. 

As long as the weather stays fine you are in for a treat. Also, the fish and chip stall is worthy of a mention and very good value. 

It is good to have a few hours rest after racing so do yourself a favour and book a hotel for a night or two. If there are three of you and just looking for a cheap alternative book a family room. We have stayed at the Embassy Hotel and Nelson Hotel and they cost about £60 a night and that included breakfast. It is literally as cheap as it gets to stay away for a night and you have the luxury of not rushing about. 

In the old days, we would travel to the races and go back the same day on the last train which is about 6pm and it is pretty tiring.

If you are flush, stay at the Andover House Hotel and you will feel like you won the pools. They are a little more pricey at about £80 for a double room but the place is immaculate and the service faultless. 

If you get back from the races at 6-7pm, you have time to rest for a few hours and go to the Grosvenor Casino which is a short walk from all the mentioned hotels: Nelson, Embassy, or Andoer House. 

If you want to go to an excellent restaurant, I would recommend Pamela's. You would walk past the place without realising it is there but once inside you will be met by the most professional staff, quality food, and a place that is an equal measure of bling and abundance. 

If you go there for a meal and not satisfied with the cost or the quality then you need to tell me where you are going. 

A five-minute walk from Pamela's restaurant, to Marine Parade and you are at the Grosvenor Casino Great Yarmouth. 

I have been to this place umpteen times and it is a beautiful listed building with a touch of class. I've been to Grosvenor Casinos at Luton and Nottingham and this place is head and shoulders about those two, and I wasn't displeased with those venues. 

Great Yarmouth Grosvenor Casino has a touch of the Casino Royales about it. 

You need to be a member but that is a quick process and you are on your way. The restaurant and bar are in the setting of what can only be described as a mansion. Please remember, the food at most casinos is subsidised and you are in for a cheap meal and if you take note of any special offers on their Facebook page or promotions you will pay even less. 

If you are on holiday at Great Yarmouth, make the effort to visit the Grosvenor Casino because you won't be disappointed. 

If you take your horse racing badge, hand it in at the cashier's booth in the gaming room and you receive a free match bet and voucher for a free alcoholic drink. This is simply an incentive to get you to turn up but worth £10 for nothing. In addition, all tea, coffee, and soft drinks are free. Not exactly bad news when elsewhere they would cost two or three-pound a time. 

They have an attractive games room. It isn't too big or too small but plenty of tables or machines to enjoy roulette, blackjack, 3-card poker, slots or play roulette on the machines, too. 

It stays open until about 6am so you could, in theory, stay the night without booking a room. 

That may be pushing it a bit unless you really are a night owl. 

It wouldn't be my thing as I like to play for a couple of hours and get back tot he hotel at 1 or 2am and get some sleep after a long day. 

If you are going to stay the night I would recommend staying at the hotel the evening before and going to the horse racing and then go home. 

It is much less tiring and costs the same amount of money. 

I think going to the horse racing followed by the casino, especially if you like a few drinks, can be very tiring. You may get to 11pm and want to call it a night. 

All in all, a day and night gambling at Great Yarmouth with the horse racing and Grosvenor Casino is exceptional value and very good fun. 

If you have a small win at the horses or the casino you can go there and come home without cost. 

In fact, that has happened on many occasions. 

I wouldn't like to choose which venue is better. And the good thing is that you don't need to choose because you can do both at little cost. 

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She's a Big Gambler

I wonder if you are a big gambler? 

I remember Dave Nevison saying: ''Bet like a man.''

He certainly did that in his time. Perhaps he still does. Betting like a man is betting with a wad of cash. The only reason I would suggest someone betting full-throttle is if they bet for a living and they know what they are doing. 

Else, it's probably a terrible idea. 

But each to their own. My £50 is like another person's £500. And their monkey is another person's grand. 


So it's all relative in ways. 

I feel sorry for that bloke who lives on the edge of Thirsk who has done his cash the last week with his 50p accumulator. 

So are you a big gambler?

Big to you may be big big to me or paltry to others. It doesn't really matter. 

I see a repeat of a TV programme called Fat Meets Fatter. Where a couple of ladies from the UK met with their bigger counterpart who lived in Mississippi. One of the ladies called Delores. 

She made me smile with her chat about being ''fat''. Yes, I know in the world of political correctness such words are turned into their acceptable form (whatever that may be). 

But Delores just said it as it is. 

In fact, she said she couldn't touch her toes and if she dropped something on the floor she would just leave it there. 

In ways, I like her no-nonsense approach to life. 

Big gamblers come in every shape and form. 

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Gambling Reference Point

So have you got a reference point?

It is a simple (but complex) thing. I mean, it could be a dot on a page. 

Definition: A basis of standard for evaluation, assessment, or comparison; a criterion.

It always surprises me how few people do any of those three things. Self-assessment isn't all about your tax return. However, personally, it may equate to your profit and loss. It could be the difference between life or death.

When it comes to your gambling, I wonder if you have a Reference Point?

Reference Point. That name sounds familiar. Yes, he was a Derby-winning horse trained by [Sir] Henry Cecil. 

However, this is a different reference point. And the reason why you need to have a niche. 

My niche is two-year-old. 

You may ask, why have a niche? Well, unless you have a 30-hour day, the chances are you don't have the time to understand everything. You don't need to be Isaac Newton to understand that, hey. 

However, you would be surprised how many people can't get to the grips with such reasoning. It's like they are being deprived of something when, in truth, that, potential abundance is killing them slowly. 

You can have too much. And it leads to the jack of all trades and master of none. That is no answer to anything good. 

Don't believe me, then you try to work under pressure. 

A reference point is something we all need to have. 

In Memory of Eric Arnold

Eric Arnold was a friend I never met. 

He loved his horse racing at his favourite racecourse, Uttoxeter. He enjoyed his two-year-old horse racing and, like me, a keen blogger, and his website was called We Go Racing. He was knowledgable, informative, humourous, and loved by many.

One day, Eric emailed me to say he had been rushed into hospital as he was having a heart attack.  

I said if I could help in any way I was here. A few days past and hadn't heard anything and was worried for Eric and his family. 

Then I heard the sad news that he had passed away. 

He was in his sixties.  

I often think about Eric. Such a sad loss of such a kind and generous man. I was blessed to have chatted with him via email. 

There is no fairness in life. 

Eric was generous enough to write a number of posts on my blog On The Gallops. 

He used the pen name Bejabez and this was the first post entitled: First Blog.

It was interesting that in one of the posts Eric mentioned how a tipping service couldn't or wouldn't ever detail their best information because it wouldn't be in their interests.

He was correct. 

For a good few years, I used to give my tips and information away for free. To be honest, the idea of selling tips has never appealed to me simply because I like to do things for myself. And if someone paid me £30 a month and I am responsible for their fortunes it is a potential problem I don't need. 

I don't want anyone to contact me with a problem and I don't really need any congratulation.

So, my life is all the better for not dipping my toe into the piranha-infested pond. 

I think not only is it filled with fish with sharp teeth, perhaps a great white shark.  

Eric was right and a wise man who I respected greatly. I would have loved to have met him and his loving family. A beautiful day at Uttoxeter races. It would have been a wonderful day. 

I didn't get the opportunity to say goodbye to Eric but I have said those words many times to him in mind. 

I would simply like to thank you for being someone who made my days brighter and our love of two-year-old horse racing will shine for us both. 

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

I wrote an article the other day.

Are You Scare to Gamble

I posted in on a Facebook page, I won't say which one, but one of the readers made a comment: 

''Petrified. FFS!''

I couldn't tell if the statement was being comedic, irritant, or whatever. To be honest, I didn't feel motivated to ask because, sadly, I often feel the more I interact with punters the more problems ensue. 

I'm sure a prostitute has exactly the same problem! 

Do you find people difficult to satisfy? 

As Judge Judy says: ''No good deed goes unpunished.'' 

How right she is. 

Anyway, I wasn't sure what the comment was all about and I wasn't going to waste my time investigating. In fact, I deleted the post because I didn't want to read any updates.  

But it got me thinking. 

I often criticise the none gambler. Not for the point, they don't gamble because I don't advise anyone bets for fun. However, this errant, to me, non-thinking comment, made me question how much do gamblers think about gambling. 

Because, in many respects, they are as naive as the nongambler. This is both sad and true as it details to me they haven't learned much at all. When they have had ample opportunity to detail a touch of wisdom. 


The strange part is that ''these people'' don't understand why even with understanding, they should be scared of the gamble. 

Habituation has set in like rigor mortise. 

This is worrying. 

It is like the farmhand who's been working the same old machine and continues to his use hand instead of a lengthy piece of wood and one day it grabs his fist and to detail with shouts and screams and blood if not tears a lesson learned. 

So, to all your gamblers, never fall into the trap of thinking you know it all because one day you may learn a valuable lesson.

Good luck. 

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Betting Like a Bumblebee

Betting Like a Bumblebee
Are we so different from the rest of the animal kingdom?

You may say: ''I'm no bumblebee, wasp or creepy crawly.''

I guess it's all about categorisation. The way we make sense of the world. Part of the human condition. It makes the obscure similar. For example, what do a tiger and a table have in common?

They both have four legs. 

You may retort: ''Well, what's all this about a Bumblebee betting?''

Is it an addy, like me? Instead of frothing at the mouth with the residue of ale and kebab, it's honey breath spits out: ''I'll have 10 petals to 1 on Jasperthewasp in the 6:55 Meadow Lands.''

Betting. Gambling. Chance. 

It's all about fractions - whether opportunity or loss. 

Perhaps I have a strange perspective about life. It may seem deranged. But I consider myself and the solitary bumblebee very similar. 

Because at the essence of life we are all betting on survival. Making the most of our lot and battling with hope to see out the day with good fortune. 

For many, even homo sapiens, the success of living that one extra day is the most splendid happening of life. It is not a given to young, old, rich, poor, man, woman, beast, or bumblebee.

Life is often a gamble we do not perceive or understand until it is too late. 

In that sense, we humans are probably a little less objective about our own mortality. Simply because we don't really want to think about our ultimate demise. But, in our lacking, we miss the opportunity to change. 

How many times, after receiving bad news, we wish we had changed. Why didn't I listen to someone who loved me enough to care? If only I could go back in time, the scales would fall from my eyes, to see the truth. 

For many, gambling has been such a topic of conversation. It was undertaken without serious consideration. It was a foolish endeavour. But for others, it was the best decision of their life. 

It was a strength of body and mind. 

When you see a bumblebee fly past on a hot summer's day stop for a moment and consider although different all life is very much the same. 

In truth, we are gambling that tomorrow will be a brighter day.

Let's hope for all creatures great and small, there is honey for tea.

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Are You Scared to Gamble?

Are You Scared to Gamble?
I heard a quote from my good friend Rev Paul. 

He said: ''I want to insult you so much you run away!''

It kind of made me smile. However, it also has much more meaning than sounding off at Delia Smith and her basic cooking skills.

''Go cook an egg!''


Rev Paul said those words because he wanted to challenge people. To get to the truth of the matter and find out what really means something to the individual. 

I'm not sure if he insulted someone so much they run away. 

I'll have to ask him. 

To be fair, I don't advise people to gamble for fun. Just as I wouldn't recommend you learn to be an electrician by poking a screwdriver into a socket on a wall. 

But here's the thing. 

Being scared of something can be as big a problem as the fear you have of it. 

By simply running away from the big tiger on the horizon you never get close enough to see it was the project of a taxidermist back in the 1960s.

What was I scared of?

If only I had been a little braver I could have seen the truth. 

Gambling is the same. The interesting point about gambling is that you don't have to put your money on the table to learn something about yourself and others. 

It's truly naive to think you don't gamble. Because you are doing it every day. In fact, losing a little bit of money may be the least of your problems when you see the bigger picture. 

I would never suggest someone gamble for fun because I think it can become a problem of a limited mind. Not because you are stupid or daft, but you don't have the wisdom to see two or three steps ahead. 

It's the same for any subject where the novice knows little to the expert. 

However, don't imagine you are somehow stronger, brighter, or better for steering clear of something that is part and parcel of life. You cannot remove yourself from the gamble because you would cease to exist. Even in death, you may find you have backed the wrong side by your devilish behaviour.  

Stop for a moment and consider how learning and understanding bring wisdom that may benefit you in life. 

And you don't have to lose a penny. 

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Free Drinks at the Bar

Free Drinks at the Bar
Who doesn't like a free drink? 

I often ask people if they have been to a casino. Many react in shock. ''I've never been to a casino.'' 

It's like you've asked them if they've had a threesome with Charles And Eddie.   

I guess it's all about being labeled a gambler so that means you are an addict, frothing at the mouth, a fixation to lose money. You know, not every gambler lacks discipline and suffers from psychopathology. 

All of you puritans who hold up a crucifix to the slot machine are simply victims of the stereotype. You probably believe every french man rides around on a cycle, wearing a beret with a string of onions hanging from his neck. 

(I didn't capitalise the f in French because I wanted you to think I had made a mistake.)

See, you're gullible.

I can make you believe everything I want. 

You're a victim of the human condition and sadly while your brain works efficiently - like a well-oiled machine - it's weak through synaptic voids and manifestations.  

Poor soul. 

I don't blame you, personally, it's nature and nurture. 

You're like a robin that fell out of its nest.

You know, I only say all this mumbo jumbo to make you think and challenge you.   

We all know the aim of the casino is to get you inside and lose all your money. None of the staff is going to tell you this or give you a little booklet detailing they want to rob you blind, because that's part of the illusion of gambling. In truth, gambling is whatever you want to make it. Just like everything else. 

For instance, you could go to the casino and drink all night long and it doesn't cost you a penny. 

True, that's only tea, coffee, and soft drinks, but when you consider elsewhere they probably cost you a couple of quid a time, you are on a winner. In fact, they often have free promotions, free bets, match bets, and lots more. 

Far from being a place that's costly, most casinos are the place you should visit because the food is cheap and the setting and service excellent. 

Once again, it simply proves that people see what they want to see. You didn't look to see the truth. 

For a cheap night out the casino is the place to go. 

Let's face it, watching someone win or lose money (not you) has got to be better than sitting at home watching Emmerdale. 

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The Man with the Lucky Emerald Ring

I don't know about you, but watching The Wizard of Oz as a small child back in the 1970s did something to my brain. 

You may be thinking, is that what turned him into a raving addy unable to stop betting even when his old Grandad dressed up as the Wizard of Oz, hid behind a curtain, and used a voice machine to try and convince him of a more conscientious road to wander. 

Instead, he went astray with the flying monkeys and dated a green-faced witch who was teetotal and wouldn't even take a sip of water. 

I wonder what happened to her?

Where would the Tin Man, Cowardly Lion, Scarecrow, and Dorothy (not forgetting little Toto) be without following the yellow brick road?

I'm sure if it had been a green road it would have led straight to Paddy Power, in Ireland, next to a Leprechaun who ate four-leaved clover. 

L. Frank Baum's masterpiece, released in 1939, is still a wonderful film, and the book: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1900) is even better. 

One Christmas, I heard someone say they were bored with watching The Wizard of Oz

I never looked upon the person in the same way again. 

I was horrified. 

But getting back to my brain and fascination with emeralds. I think, like a child playing in the dirt, some emerald dust must have entered my bloodstream and become part of my biochemistry.  

My nervous system, synapses, and neurotransmitters are triggered when I see a real emerald and it bestows luck on the wearer of the ring and myself. 

Instead of dopamine, I've got emeraldamine in my grey matter. 

At the casino, you often see a gentleman wearing a ring on his little finger. Not too many, but one every so often. 

I'm looking for the man with the emerald ring. 

As yet, this elusive soul has been nowhere to be seen.

It's not one of these clean emeralds, it has those misty-looking things with opacity. 

The day I see a man wearing such a ring at the casino I'm betting on the same number on the roulette and something tells me I'll be a winner. 

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