There Is No Fool Like A Careless Gambler Who Starts Taking Victory For Granted. – Hunter S. Thompson

The Gambler's Zero-Cost Hotel

In my recent post The Fear & Loathing in Great Yarmouth I detailed my love-hate relationship with staying at this Norfolk coastal town. 

To be fair, the reference to Hunter S. Thompson's 1971 publication was a little tongue in cheek, although the hotel experiences were all true.  

I love Great Yarmouth because it holds so many wonderful childhood memories of long summer holidays (well seven days), especially those at The Haven Holiday Park, Caister-on-Sea.

In ways, it nurtured a lifetime of gambling. That statement wasn't made in horror. 

From Jenning's Indian-head slots machines to betting at the racecourse and watching million-pound thoroughbreds win in style. 

The most expensive hotel I've stayed at this seaside town is Andover House, Camperdown. This beautiful Victorian dwelling is worthy of its price tag which ranges from £80 - £120 a night.  

It's worth every penny. 

The reason I visit Great Yarmouth is for gambling. 

However, it isn't just for the gamble. It's the journey, experience and a good time had by all. I think I have been there alone once or twice but, in general, there is a crowd of family and friends, and it's a merry pilgrimage. In fact, we attend the Eastern Festival every September in memory of my late father, Colin. Dad loved his holidays at Yarmouth and the horseracing in the Autumn.  

I would recommend a holiday on the Norfolk coast.

But what's all this about The Gambler's Zero-Cost Hotel in Great Yarmouth? 

What's the name of the hotel and where is it located?

Is it really free? 

Yes, it won't cost you one penny piece. 

I think we all want a bit of this free stuff. Who wouldn't? By staying at the freebie hotel I can save perhaps £100. 

It's a luxurious setting. A room with a view. It overlooks the seafront. However, it's not your traditional hotel. For starters, which sounds bizarre, there is no bed. Although the staff will give you as much free tea and coffee to quench your thirst. You can order food until midnight if not later. By all accounts, it's a comfy place to stay, more like a suite, and plenty of rooms to find your spot. There's even entertainment. 

Another peculiarity is that you have to leave the hotel at 6am. 

Yes, it's not a traditional place to rest your head. 

In fact, you will be asked politely to leave. But you can come back in a few hour's time, free of charge. 

In fact, it will never cost you a penny to stay. 

You V.I.P.

That's how it works at the Grosvenor Casino Great Yarmouth.  

So if you want to save some cash, and have an extra £100 to gamble on the slots, you may wish to stay the night.  

To be honest, unless you are real night owl it sounds like my idea of terror. And, unless disciplined, may cost you more than any hotel anywhere. 

However, it is an option for those who love to get every last penny out of their gambling by reducing costs.

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