There Is No Fool Like A Careless Gambler Who Starts Taking Victory For Granted. – Hunter S. Thompson

Making Big Cash from Casino FREE Spins

These days, I don't watch so much TV.

Instead, I listen to music on YouTube. Me sitting in my bed, singing along with Glen Campbell, Barry White, and Steps, while I work. I guess, compared with many people, it's a good life as I basically do as I like. 

That is a luxury in these days. 

Well, at any time. 

Years, ago I used to work on the building sites as a labourer and plasterer (I was learning a trade, which takes years because realistically no employer wants you to learn too much and fly the nest). 

I don't mind hard work. In fact, I used to enjoy the physical nature of the job and I prided myself on being the best I could - whatever job. At that time, no kidding, I had the fitness level of an Olympic athlete. You may think that sound ridiculous but the way we worked it was the case. Working eight-plus hours a day - it was like a gym workout all day long. If you have ever manually mixed the cement to screed a floor of a house and wheelbarrowed it in or carried two giant buckets upstairs all day long to render blockwork then to be plastered, you know what I mean. The difference was that we worked like there was no tomorrow. 

I can safely say, I wouldn't even be able to manage a day now. 

I'm not sure if that is a good or bad thing. Because you can't work at that rate for years without seriously damaging your body and then you suffer long term. No amount of money is worth that. 

That's a long introduction but it helps paint a picture that most people in life have to do a job they don't really like and work bloody hard to put a few quid in their pocket. 

I watch this TV program called Life on the Dole. 

Anyway, the lady on the program had found a way of making money off free slots spins, as betting companies try to lure new players to get hooked and lose bundles of cash. (They don't give two stuffs about a big-time loser, just their cash).

This lady used to join hell and all companies, which must be hard work in itself but she would play all these free spins and pocket any winnings. I don't know if these platforms have a way of favouring new account holders with an early win to get them hooked (or just purely random) but it may be the case she is on to a good thing by farming these free bets.

Whether this is true or not, who knows, but she said in one month she won £500. 

Perhaps another month she wouldn't win a penny. However, being unemployed she used this as a job and I guess playing the slots gave some form of entertainment, too.

The interesting point is what did the lady do with her winnings?

I'm pretty sure she knew not to play those winnings. Simply transfer the free cash to her bank account and never look back. Remember, do not close an account as the chances are you will be viewed as a problem gambler and struggle to open another account for the rest of your life. 

In addition, you may get free bets, or match bets, which could put the odds back in the favour of a disciplined gambler. 

This is a noval approach to making money by using the promotion in reverse by playing the casinos at their own game. 

I'm not sure if joining potentially hundreds of online casinos and gambling platforms would have a negative affect on your credit score or look suspicious but if you love the slots and have time on your hands, it might be an experiment you wish to try. 

But please, be disciplined. 

The aim is to use the free spins to siphon cash on the house not lose your own money or your shirt.

Photo: Pixabay (free)