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$2.4 Million Jackpot on Las Vegas Slot Machine Jacketpot (Took 20-Years to Payout!)

Time waits for no man - or slot machine. 

The legendary Lion's Share Slot Machine, one of 50 made, waiting on the casino floor of the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. 

However, after being installed in the early 1990's it had a reputation as a bad payer. Not that stopped a line of ''lucky'' souls waiting for their chance to play the beast of a machine which could literally payout millions. 

Twenty years past and no one had come close to winning the jackpot. 

(I can only imagine how much money it made over that time).

In fact, the Wall Street Journal published a story about the long-dormant game, which only encouraged more punters to play.  

Retirees, Walter and Linda Misco, of New Hampshire, had read about this infamous slot machine and decided they would chance their luck. 

After just five minutes of $3 dollar spins - they hit the jackpot. 

$2.4 Million. 

It seems that the casino was pleased to see the Lion's Share Slot Machine finally payout and even suggested they were considering letting the Misco's take the colossus back home with them. 

At least if they put all their winning back in the beast, it will be theirs to keep. 

I think we all need a moneybox like that.

Original story: 2014

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