There Is No Fool Like A Careless Gambler Who Starts Taking Victory For Granted. – Hunter S. Thompson

Set Your Limit When Gambling Cold Hard Cash

I am one of the few people I know within the gambling world who try to persuade the newbie gambler not to get involved. 

People do as they do. Will they listen to me or anyone else, they will if they want to learn from someone else's experience. It costs you nothing and may save you a fortune if not your life. 

Now, I know we all like to think we know everything even when we don't but there is a lot more to gambling than meets the eyes. And if you are a naive gambler you will not see what is staring you in the face. It will be invisible. It is like the invisible elephant in the room. It's a clumsy beast, with big feet, a giant backside, tusks, and a long nose that sniffs out your money and eats it like peanuts. 

If you are gambling with cold hard cash, think for a moment. 

Such questions as:

Why are you gambling? 

How does it make you feel?

What do you expect to get from gambling?

Where will it lead?

Do you have ambitions to be a regular, educated, or professional gambler?

In truth, I could keep asking questions.

I would get to a point where you didn't understand the question or see it's relevance. That would be the point where you need to learn a little more. 

You may be saying: ''I only want to bet for a little bit of fun.''

In theory, there is nothing wrong with that idea. However, do you think all those people smoking crystal meth (or whatever they do with it) started on the hard stuff? You can bet your bottom dollar they didn't. 

I think gambling for fun is a brainless idea. It's like playing chicken, children running across the road because it seems a little bit exciting until you feel the pain of impact and your lifeless body waits to be picked up.

If you have discipline gambling for fun isn't the worst decision. But, once again, do you really know the person you are? If you have an addictive personality trait then definitely do not gamble at all. If you are a chain smoker, alcoholic, drug addict, you have enough problems already. 

Money is a token for something else. When you gamble, you should look at it as taking on a quiz champion. If you aren't in the top 5% of the intelligence pool of gambling, how do you expect to win?

You will be outwitted without even realising the person is calling you a fool. 

If you go for a night out at the casino and have a little gamble set your limit. And I mean have a specific figure in your mind. I wouldn't advise anyone going to the casino and betting more than £50 in an evening unless you understand what you are doing and have some experience of the trials and tribulation. Gambling is all about money but before the money, it is all about experience and appreciation of what you are doing. 

Here's the thing. And it may seem a little thing. However, it isn't. 

If you set a figure in your mind and you bet more, you have a problem. Because that seemingly small decision tells you much about yourself. It says you have no discipline. And, as a gambler, that is the biggest weakness. 

You can gamble for fun but take it seriously. 

If you don't take gambling seriously you will pay the price.

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