There Is No Fool Like A Careless Gambler Who Starts Taking Victory For Granted. – Hunter S. Thompson

Zero Twitter Followers to 1 Million in a Week

You've guessed it!

Not only am I a gambling-writing machine, who churns out articles like there is no tomorrow, I'm also a Twitter Guru who can gain followers without breaking into a sweat. 

In fact, within just one week I have gone from one poor soul to one million followers who hang on my every word. I'm loved unconditionally. In fact, if I hooked up my account to Paypal I'd receive donations to the point I would be living the dream on a small Caribbean island with bar, parrot, and treasure map where x marks the spot.

If you believe that, you will believe anything. 

We all know a journey starts with that first step. 

So, my new Brasino Twitter Account was born yesterday and as yet has no followers. 

As the song goes: ''Welcome to your life. There's no turning back even when we sleep. We will find you acting on your best behaviour, turn your back on mother nature. Everyone wants to rule the world.''  

I'm hoping my talent as a Gonzo-style writer in the mould of Hunter S. Thompson will bring that first lost soul along anytime soon. I'm hoping along with their fervour they are borderline gambling addict so I can save them from a life of many burdens. 

Just looking at my Twitter account, I noticed some poor soul has liked one of my posts, but, as yet, playing hard, by not following me. 

Whale Wagers, this could be something big, has 44 followers, while following 493. 

Sadly, I will never follow anyone on my Brasino account because I'm setting a principle of simply wanting loyal readers. I hate all this follow me follow you mentality when I know half of those are playing a game where they will disappear shortly after and hope you didn't notice - like a bedfellow who wakes up early and leaves with your wallet as a final goodbye. 

I see Whale Wagers have detailed something about their impressive tipping ability with $157,511 in profit. 

I'm not sure what they are talking about. 

When my first true follower arrives panic-stricken out of a forest not quite sure if the Vietnam War is over I will congratulate them for their bravery on joining our private, entertaining and well-written gambling journey. 

When we get to two punters (followers) we will have a menage a trois, so I guess I'm hoping it's an attractive husband and wife with an open mind!

Only time will tell. 

Welcome to my life. 

The day that Twitter died.

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