There Is No Fool Like A Careless Gambler Who Starts Taking Victory For Granted. – Hunter S. Thompson

Writing Funny Casino Posts for Cash

I guess we all want to make some easy money.

Even Her Majesty The Queen has been known to sell a corgi or two.


Anyway, money doesn't grow on trees, although while in West Palm Beach, Florida I saw a number of mango trees laden with fruit and I'm sure they must be worth a good bit of cash to the person on the local fruit stand. 

I pocketed a couple of big ones. 

Easy money. 

I think most easy money turns out to be expensive, hey. It's like robbing a bank and you find out inflation is 10-years at Wormwood Scrubs. Or you invest in one of these genuine emails from a bloke in Africa who needs £10,000 so he can free up £1000,000 and he will give you half. 

You may have noticed that I've been writing a good few posts on Brasino. They kind of relate to gambling and specifically to casinos: roulette, poker, blackjack, 3-card poker, and all that kind of stuff. 

My brother, Gareth, said about writing articles for money. 

I've written for a few online gambling websites, even had a few in the press. The payment was made via a sealed envelope adorning a stamp posted from West Palm Beach, Florida. It concealed a hand-drawn map that led to a mango tree in someone's garden. 

In hard times I'll accept payment in the form of fruit, veg, balaclava, gun, info about banks, and getaway routes. 

Thankfully, I'm not going hungry at the moment.

Anyway, I'm thinking of selling a few casino articles to the highest bidder.

I need a good bit of motivation to make any form of writing flow in that humorous, natural style. 

Anyone for a mango smoothie?