There Is No Fool Like A Careless Gambler Who Starts Taking Victory For Granted. – Hunter S. Thompson

The Croupier Gambling Outlook

I guess it's all too easy to see the world through our own eyes. 

It's what we do. You can't be blamed for it, hey. 

When visiting your local casino, you are looking forward to a winning night. At the start of the evening, at least, optimistic with cash on the hip. The gambling experience is an interaction and could even be considered a relationship between you and the croupier. Considering you may have never seen the person before you get a feel for the person in front of you. 

It may be something you are conscious of or not. You may look the person up and down and make an inference of the person they are by the appearance, age, race, dress, humour, temperament...the list goes on. 

We make an assessment - judgment. 

We are at the mercy of the human condition which we use to make sense of the world, which is all about your personal experience from childhood to adulthood. 

In truth, all of this may happen without thinking and simply be viewed as a feeling of I like that person, neutral, or there's something about them that rubs you up the wrong way. 

Don't forget the croupier is thinking exactly the same thing about you. 

They probably see you from a gambling perspective. 

They may make a judgment you are a loser waiting to happen. Because, let's face it, if betting fixed odds, you are guaranteed to lose if you keep on betting. 

They must see a mix of characters. From the seasoned gambler to those green behind the ears. They are there to do a job so it really doesn't matter who you are. They have to work to guidelines and rules and do so in a professional manner. Their goal is to keep their job and work in a manner they find acceptable to them. 

To be fair, it must be a boring endeavour, a thankless task, and often emotional when they see a problem gambler who loses every last penny. 

They must get hardened by the punters who come and go on an hourly basis - winners and losers. 

You may have read one of my previous articles: ''I Bet you don't Meet Many People Like Me?''

The reply from the croupier: ''Yes, I do!''

And that's the truth of the matter. In their job, they have seen every kind of person. Perhaps they could categorise gamblers. I guess they could do that quite easily. Not that they care, because they are there to do a job and unless there is a reason this cannot be done, they will just work in a routine fashion within their own style and personality. 

I wouldn't want to be a croupier. 

Unsociable hours, boredom, dubious characters, problem people, saints, and sinners.

The next time you go to the casino, stop for a moment, and consider what the croupier sees when they are looking in your direction. 

In truth, they don't really care because they are doing a job. 

However, although, perhaps, fleeting, you are in a relationship of some kind.

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