There Is No Fool Like A Careless Gambler Who Starts Taking Victory For Granted. – Hunter S. Thompson

I Bet You Don't Meet Many People Like Me!

Thankfully, I didn't say those words. 

In truth, I think the only time you should hear those words is from someone else lips. And then it's unlikely to be positive. It's the kind of thing you say to some oddball, nutter, or a young man with a beard (before all this Alaska TV made it fashionable)

How times change. 

Although, I do like individual differences. There's no reason why every sheep should have a perm. 

I heard those immutable words: ''I bet you don't meet many people like me!'' As a young man (I don't think he had a beard) chatted to a female croupier at Great Yarmouth Grosvenor Casino. 

I'm pretty sure the conversation took place at the roulette table. I wasn't playing, just sashaying past with a pint of Carling for Dan The Man and a snowball for me. The gentleman wasn't being crass or vulgar, just full of enthusiasm, life, and enjoying a good night out with the lads. 

He had a smile on his face and his only downside was being a little too loud. 

Perhaps he was trying to impress. 

However, the female croupier said in response: ''I see lots of people like you!''

It was a subtle putdown without going to town. 

You meet lots of different people at the casino.

It's a good place to people watch. From young to old. Those who speak as quiet as a mouse to the 85-decibel man. Carling, snowball, and black stallion drinkers. Bearded wonders, permed sheep, and idiosyncratic pink-lensed hippies. 

Some bet with £1000 chips while others have 50p. All sitting at the same table. Watching the same ball fly around the roulette wheel and hoping it will stop on their lucky number. 

Sometimes, whoever you are, you need a little bit of luck.