There Is No Fool Like A Careless Gambler Who Starts Taking Victory For Granted. – Hunter S. Thompson

Fear And Loathing in Great Yarmouth

I have stayed at least four hotels in Great Yarmouth. 

The best thing about staying at a hotel in Great Yarmouth. 

Do you know what it is? 

Not the sea air (although I like it), not the doughnut stands on the Britannia Pier (although yummy), and not even the Grosvenor Casino (although I'm like an addict chewing on crystal meths) if that's what you do with the stuff. 

Obviously, the last remark is made for humour as I have no interest in any illegal drugs and I'm certainly not a gambling addict. It was inspired by Hunter S. Thompson's Fear And Loathing in Las Vegas, which was originally published in 1971 and made into a film in 1998. 

An exceptionally talented writer. 

If you have a drug or gambling problem, please seek professional help. And I don't say that lightly. 

Anyway, the greatest reason you will want to go to Great Yarmouth is to get a cheap hotel room. To be fair, they cater for every pocket and I have been to the best and the worst.  

For starters, if three or four of you going - get a family room because they are literally giving them away. 

Furthermore, go out of season, if you fancy a few spins on the roulette because everything is cheaper and you will most likely get a few deals with the Grosvenor with match bets and free drinks and even a birthday cake. 

See, you have learned money-saving techniques in a matter of seconds.

I've stayed at least four hotels at Great Yarmouth, all within a stone's throw from the Grosvenor Casino which is down Marine Parade, basically on the front, across the road from the Wellington Pier. 

I will be honest about my stays at these respective hotels and I can tell you now, they all have good and bad points. 

The bad points have nothing to do with the hotels but a handful of customers who by their behavior should be housed in a kennel out the back and be forced to wear a muzzle if not a blindfold. 

I know I seem to have it in for most people, but some of the characters you meet (mainly hear) at the hotels you can only guess their life story. It can't be anything like the Little House on the Prairie. 

A more accurate description would probably be Little House on the Priory (Drug Rehab Clinic).

See, you got me on the topic of Homosapien and there is no stopping me. 

The four hotels are as follows: The Embassy, The Comfort Hotel, Andover House Hotel & The Nelson Hotel. 

Down Camperdown, which is one of the best roads in Great Yarmouth and very close to the Grosvenor Casino on Marine Parade. I have stayed here on a number of occasions and the manager, David, is a lovely man and always courteous. 

The bar area is a lovely-looking room, spacious, beautifully decorated, and reminds me of an old-style pub. 

We stayed last time in May and had the family room in the attic. It was impressive with a lot of room and three single beds. Thinking about it, one may have been a double. I really liked the room. 

Sadly, after returning from the casino about 1am, the adjacent roommates seemed to go from conversation mode to argument and swearing. Thankfully, we were just far enough from the room to, eventually, get to sleep. 

It seems a common problem in many hotels and a real shame a hotel is bogged down with idiots who have no application of anyone. I felt like hammering on the door and telling a couple of blokes to ''shut the f*** up'' but it would only make the situation worse. I didn't complain to David about it as compared with one or two stays at other hotels in Great Yarmouth this was a pleasant night. 

I will be staying at the Embassy again as I like the place and the management.

The Comfort Hotel

Down Abert Square, even closer to the Grosvenor Casino. A decent hotel on a good night. They have staff on the desk all night, which may be needed if you have a problem. 

A decent hotel and rooms are good. They have a bar and the staff is always professional and courteous. 

The first stay here was a dream, a big family room, a very comfy bed and although a little more expensive than the Embassy (as breakfast is additional) it was a very enjoyable night. 

However, I have had a couple of nightmare stays, due to idiotic guests in adjacent rooms. I would ask for a quiet room because there may be one or two which have less chance of harassment. If not, take some earplugs because you may need them. 

One stay, there was a mad couple (man and woman) who were chatting loudly, laughing, shouting, and going in and out of their room like no one's business. I simply couldn't get to sleep and my cousin and I (he had a different room and no trouble sleeping) got back from the casino about 1am.

By the time it got to 3am, and still not sleep, I went to reception and demanded another room. By that time I was absolutely fuming. They gave me another room which was quiet and I got a £20 discount the next morning. 

Be prepared to insist on a different room if you have a problem because the hotel will either do something about the jokers or you get another room or you will get a 100% refund. We stayed there again and had another episode of people shouting and screaming in a room. 

I don't know what's going on with this place and it may have been a couple of unlucky episodes but I have no intention of going back. 

Situated down Camperdown and a beautiful Victorian hotel with pristine decor inside and out.

Definitely the best hotel in Great Yarmouth. It is a little more expensive but it guarantees you don't get an idiot next door to your room. 

I've stayed at the Andover a number of times and never had a bad experience. The double rooms are very good, the suites even better and I stayed in the Attic room (the most expensive) and it was good, but a little bit small for my liking and the stairs leading to the room pretty steep. 

They have a bar, a respected restaurant, and breakfast is very good. 

If you want to guarantee a good stay this is your destination. 

Last but not least. I like the Nelson Hotel situated on Marine Parade. We booked the family room and it really was an exceptional deal out of season and including breakfast, it was about £65. It may have been cheaper as I can't quite remember. 

The room was spacious, adequately decorated and we even had a seafront room, and about three-hundred metres we could see the casino all lit up at night with its changing neon colours. 

The staff are very good and I'm pretty sure there is someone on reception until the early hours. 

I was very pleased with the room.

Thankfully, we have had no problem with people shouting or disorderly. 

The breakfast is very good with a wide selection and additional continental breakfast. The room overlooks the seafront and it was very pleasant. 

I'll be going back to the Nelson Hotel. 

All in all Great Yarmouth hotels are very affordable. There is something for everyone. I haven't been to many of the smaller bed and breakfasts but heard they are well kept and the business owners attentive. 

None of the hotels has a problem. The only problem can be some of the customers who are a little rough around the edges. What can you say? I just feel sorry for the hotels who have the problem of potentially the best customers going elsewhere because the rabble is just too noisy. Perhaps the hotels need to blacklist certain people. For all I know they do exactly that. I know for a fact if I ran a hotel a disruptive guest would never be returning. I know that isn't easy to police. 

I appreciate and respect all of these worthy establishments. 

Always book directly with the hotel as you can often get a discount rather than going through booking companies. 

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