There Is No Fool Like A Careless Gambler Who Starts Taking Victory For Granted. – Hunter S. Thompson

Almost Winning £42,875 at the Grosvenor Casino

Anyone who reads Brasino (all ten of you) will know I am not a big gambler at the casino. 

The reasons why I don't bet bigger money are as follows. Considering I've rarely bet more than £50 on an evening you know I'm a low roller. 

There is some logic to me not betting my shirt. Mainly, I don't want to lose too much. But most importantly, I get a few free match bets and free drink vouchers which means I have the odds on my side by betting small stakes. So there is some logic there, which is lacking with many gamblers who bet without much thought at all and reason why they usually lose their cash quick smart. 

Or quick thick as it should be known. 

I have thought about betting more but I know it will be bad news and I will just annoy and frustrate the life out of myself. 

Fixed odd means, as we all know, we cannot win playing long term. So, we have to bet in a calculated manner which put the gambler in charge. Sure, we still rely on luck but if lady luck waltzes about when you are playing in the first half an hour you can pretty much guarantee a winning night. 

I usually bet 50p of £1 chips. Yes, I know it sounds sad. If I have a few wins on my single numbers, I will perhaps put up to £5 trying to hit a decent win. 

I often bet on the same number all night. As I find that if it comes up once it seems to keep popping up its beautiful head. 

One night I place a £1 chip on number 5. 

It came up 35/1 (£35).

I put my winning to one side and put a lucky £1 on number 35. 

It came up again 35/1 (£35).

Happy days.

Took the money, put it to one side. 

I thought this is good. 

Gareth referred to the TV program Lucky Man starring James Nesbit. 

So, I put another £1 on my lucky number 5. 

Low and behold it came up once again. 


£105 in three spins. 

However, if I had chanced my arm and left the winning on each spin I would have won £42,875. 

Perhaps I missed a chance. 

I guess £105 was a slightly safer bet for a low roller, hey.