There Is No Fool Like A Careless Gambler Who Starts Taking Victory For Granted. – Hunter S. Thompson

What's the Strangest thing about Gambling?

Now, there's an open-ended question if I ever heard one. 

I would love to hear your answer to that question. 

My answer to the question is more philosophical. It is more about stereotypes, categorization and that is essentially to do with people and their distorted perspectives. 

Although I write lots about horse racing, casinos, gambling, and all that kind of stuff, I rarely talk to people in person about gambling. 


Because it is pointless. 

If we are talking about getting something from a conversation we wouldn't (unless you are one of the few) get anything out of it. Simply because you wouldn't have the intelligence to understand what I was talking about and what you could offer in return would, I hate to say it, boring, mundane, and ultimately pointless - a waste of my breath. 

You may read those words and think he sounds a bighead or stuck up his own arse or worthy of a curse word or two. 

However, I'm not trying to be stupid in the slightest. I'm just being factual about the truth of the matter. 

There are two people I talk to about horse racing: my brother, Tony, and Eric Winner. I may say the odds word about horse racing to others but I am saying it from the point of view I am literally wasting my time or I will be frustrated by the conversation because the person doesn't even understand the basics. 

In fact, they don't even know how many metres are in a furlong, they don't understand there are eight furlongs in a mile and they think a turn-of-foot is someone buying a new pair of shoes. 

But here's the problem with the truly uneducated - they think they know everything!

I'm not saying all this to sound nasty or cruel or dispising. Although the latter has popped into my head a few times when someone thinks they know more...

They know more about everything gambling, horse racing, betting but they don't even know how long it takes an average horse to run an average furlong. 

But they know everything. 

I've gone past the point to actually detail why someone who knows nothing actually knows nothing. 

If you cannot appreciate why it is a pointless exercise, you are a plus one to the groovy gang. 

The problem with so many people in life is that just because they don't know something it means no one else can. 

I find it quite amusing. 

Doesn't that kind of mentality remind you of an ostrich with its head in the sand? 

Anyone who works hard at their subject knows so much more than you imagine. You couldn't even think of a question they consider 20-years ago. 

If you have a degree in a subject, you know what you know compared with someone who truly loves their subject matter? 

Fuck all. 

I'm not saying that to be rude - it's just a fact. 

Once again, you may be reading this and think he sounds a bighead or a know-it-all. 

Well, when it comes to the chosen subject I am a know-it-all because it is my job to know. 

I have a Hons degree in Psychology. A fraction away from a 1st. 

Comparing my knowledge of two-year-old horse racing to my degree it is worthless.It doesn't even register as intelligence. 

The strangest thing about gambling is those who have no understanding somehow, bizarrely, imagine they know it all. 

Now, how many furlongs are in a mile?

I'm laughing and you don't even realise the joke. 

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