There Is No Fool Like A Careless Gambler Who Starts Taking Victory For Granted. – Hunter S. Thompson

Should I Bet Big Money or Small Change?

I guess the phrase ''Everything in moderation'' isn't a maxim followed by too many punters.

However, I'm sure I do a disservice to so many gamblers who actually bet beyond the buzz, with understanding, logic, and skill. I take my hat off to those who don't bet for fun but fancy their chance against the best of layers. 

You deserve every success. 

Gambling at the casino is, generally, based on fixed odds where longterm you will be a guaranteed loser. There have been people who have used skill, cunning, and guile to beat the house. Cheating, card counting, and expertise. 

In the old days, a player getting a glimpse of the bottom card of the pack used such minimal insight to make their betting pay.  

In this day and age, you will do well to count cards without a friendly chat from the pit boss who will basically tell you to bet level stake or leave and don't come back.
With security cameras watching your every move you will do well to cheat, hide a big chip under a small one, or any angle you like. 

The best way to gamble with regard to the old wive's tale is to bet what you can afford to lose. I don't know about you, although logical, it is a theory based on negativity. Does this mentality make you more likely to lose?

Bet to win. Be confident in your approach. But are these simply foolish ideas when you are betting on fixed odds?

I'm not a big gambler at the casino. The fixed odds tag is like a brick wall. Also, I feel I can use this money to make more elsewhere. I would rather wait for a decent bet on the horses as that is skill-based. As you may have read on previous posts, I go to the casino for a cheap meal, a beautiful setting, good company, and free drinks, and bets which mean I have the odds stacked in my favour. The house edge cannot cope with my approach where I can bet £50 in an evening and know long term I will win. 

Who says gambling at the casino isn't skill-based?

To be honest, I have won several hundred pounds playing roulette. Clearly, I need a bit of luck to win. But betting on a single number if you get lucky you times your stake by 35. Put the money in your pocket and leave. 

I often think I should bet more and give it a go. But I can feel I am tempting fate. The small edge I hold in the way I play (using the promotion of free bets and drinks) would vanish in an instant. 

I would be another potential loser of the casino gambling machine. 

So when it comes to betting big or small stakes at the casino, I will be sticking with the paltry sums. 

True, I may look like some cheapskate, a low roller, sitting next to the man who bets £100 a spin. 

But by the end of the night I know I have something in my favour which the grand-a-night gambler will never hold. 

The odds are on my side to win.