There Is No Fool Like A Careless Gambler Who Starts Taking Victory For Granted. – Hunter S. Thompson

Betting Like a Bumblebee

Betting Like a Bumblebee
Are we so different from the rest of the animal kingdom?

You may say: ''I'm no bumblebee, wasp or creepy crawly.''

I guess it's all about categorisation. The way we make sense of the world. Part of the human condition. It makes the obscure similar. For example, what do a tiger and a table have in common?

They both have four legs. 

You may retort: ''Well, what's all this about a Bumblebee betting?''

Is it an addy, like me? Instead of frothing at the mouth with the residue of ale and kebab, it's honey breath spits out: ''I'll have 10 petals to 1 on Jasperthewasp in the 6:55 Meadow Lands.''

Betting. Gambling. Chance. 

It's all about fractions - whether opportunity or loss. 

Perhaps I have a strange perspective about life. It may seem deranged. But I consider myself and the solitary bumblebee very similar. 

Because at the essence of life we are all betting on survival. Making the most of our lot and battling with hope to see out the day with good fortune. 

For many, even homo sapiens, the success of living that one extra day is the most splendid happening of life. It is not a given to young, old, rich, poor, man, woman, beast, or bumblebee.

Life is often a gamble we do not perceive or understand until it is too late. 

In that sense, we humans are probably a little less objective about our own mortality. Simply because we don't really want to think about our ultimate demise. But, in our lacking, we miss the opportunity to change. 

How many times, after receiving bad news, we wish we had changed. Why didn't I listen to someone who loved me enough to care? If only I could go back in time, the scales would fall from my eyes, to see the truth. 

For many, gambling has been such a topic of conversation. It was undertaken without serious consideration. It was a foolish endeavour. But for others, it was the best decision of their life. 

It was a strength of body and mind. 

When you see a bumblebee fly past on a hot summer's day stop for a moment and consider although different all life is very much the same. 

In truth, we are gambling that tomorrow will be a brighter day.

Let's hope for all creatures great and small, there is honey for tea.

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