There Is No Fool Like A Careless Gambler Who Starts Taking Victory For Granted. – Hunter S. Thompson

Questions And Answers Equal Success

The journey of a successful gambler is a road littered with hundreds of questions which need answers. Each one is helpful in giving the knowledge to turn you into a winner. Each loss, although frustrating, is the fuel, motivation, to appreciate what could that answer be. There might not be a perfect answer but you still need to find the best answer for each and every situation. Without answers you will struggle. 

Without answers you will be floating in the air, knee-jerk reactions your only hope, and they are pointless if not dangerous. 

Until you find the answers to the questions you have much to learn. 

For example, on horse racing, what do you say about a wide draw which may be negative?

You could simply not bet. But what happens if the horse wins at a big price? You've made a mistake. So although appreciating a bad draw is good it is also something that needs a little more thought than just not betting. 

This is the problem with so much gambling on skill-based sports. You need answers to questions but you need the flexibility to pick between the lines because there will be days when even in the face of potential negatives you should still be opting to bet.

Without thought and consideration you are likely to stop at the negative and you won't even allow yourself the chance to think beyond it. This is the difficulty you will face as a gambler who wants to improve and move to the next level. 

There are many such questions and answers. 

They may be condensed into guideline which become second nature. 

Ultimately, they should help you pick between the lines and make the right decisions. You will rarely have the exact answer to the question but, on balance, you will find an answer that makes you more money by missing less winning bets and knocking more losers on the head. 

Good luck. 

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