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Great Yarmouth Grosvenor Casino Vs Great Yarmouth Racecourse

Great Yarmouth Casino Vs Racecourse
As a frequent visitor to Great Yarmouth, I am very familiar with both venues. In fact, I usually go to the racecourse and then enjoy an evening at the casino. 

In truth, I wouldn't favour one over the other because if you enjoy a day by the seaside and a bit of a gamble you really are in for a good time. 

To enjoy a day and night gambling at Great Yarmouth you really need to stay at one of the many hotels or bed and breakfasts. As this is a competitive market, you can get some great deals. Many of the best hotels are on the seafront. We have stayed at Andover House at Camperdown, which is, literally, a stone's throw from the Grosvenor Casino on Marine Parade, a walk of about two-hundred metres. 

Living about 50-miles from Great Yarmouth, in a small Fenland town, we get an early train changing stations at Ely and Norwich. It takes about two-and-a-half hours to get there and a pretty straightforward journey if chatting with friends. It's quite a scenic route through Thetford, Brundall Gardens, and the final stretch which runs parallel to the Acle Straight. There is a lot of wildlife as you head to Great Yarmouth, the open land busy with feeding livestock, horses, and an ornithologist's dream a landscape dotted with redundant water mills. 

We often get one of Albie's taxies from the railway station to the racecourse or stop off for a quick pint at the Feathers in town or The Avenue public house which is popular on a busy race day. 

We get to the racecourse about thirty minutes before the first race. 

It's always a good day at the races. In general, it isn't too busy and a nice crowd. Plenty of bookmakers and the price of entry is just about bearable. I do think the cost of entry to the members' enclosure at about £25 is on the steep side. If you book online you can get a few quid knocked off and there are concessions for students or retired. If you are a carer, assisting a racegoer, you can get in for free. 

They have some quality horseracing, especially a number of talented two-year-olds heading to the seaside course from large Newmarket yards. 

As long as the weather stays fine you are in for a treat. Also, the fish and chip stall is worthy of a mention and very good value. 

It is good to have a few hours rest after racing so do yourself a favour and book a hotel for a night or two. If there are three of you and just looking for a cheap alternative book a family room. We have stayed at the Embassy Hotel and Nelson Hotel and they cost about £60 a night and that included breakfast. It is literally as cheap as it gets to stay away for a night and you have the luxury of not rushing about. 

In the old days, we would travel to the races and go back the same day on the last train which is about 6pm and it is pretty tiring.

If you are flush, stay at the Andover House Hotel and you will feel like you won the pools. They are a little more pricey at about £80 for a double room but the place is immaculate and the service faultless. 

If you get back from the races at 6-7pm, you have time to rest for a few hours and go to the Grosvenor Casino which is a short walk from all the mentioned hotels: Nelson, Embassy, or Andoer House. 

If you want to go to an excellent restaurant, I would recommend Pamela's. You would walk past the place without realising it is there but once inside you will be met by the most professional staff, quality food, and a place that is an equal measure of bling and abundance. 

If you go there for a meal and not satisfied with the cost or the quality then you need to tell me where you are going. 

A five-minute walk from Pamela's restaurant, to Marine Parade and you are at the Grosvenor Casino Great Yarmouth. 

I have been to this place umpteen times and it is a beautiful listed building with a touch of class. I've been to Grosvenor Casinos at Luton and Nottingham and this place is head and shoulders above those two, and I wasn't displeased with those venues. 

Great Yarmouth Grosvenor Casino has a touch of the Casino Royales about it. 

You need to be a member but that is a quick process and you are on your way. The restaurant and bar are in the setting of what can only be described as a mansion. Please remember, the food at most casinos is subsidised and you are in for a cheap meal and if you take note of any special offers on their Facebook page or promotions you will pay even less. 

If you are on holiday at Great Yarmouth, make the effort to visit the Grosvenor Casino because you won't be disappointed. 

If you take your horse racing badge, hand it in at the cashier's booth in the gaming room and you receive a free match bet and voucher for a free alcoholic drink. This is simply an incentive to get you to turn up but worth £10 for nothing. In addition, all tea, coffee, and soft drinks are free. Not exactly bad news when elsewhere they would cost two or three-pound a time. 

They have an attractive games room. It isn't too big or too small but plenty of tables or machines to enjoy roulette, blackjack, 3-card poker, slots or play roulette on the machines, too. 

It stays open until about 6am so you could, in theory, stay the night without booking a room. 

That may be pushing it a bit unless you really are a night owl. 

It wouldn't be my thing as I like to play for a couple of hours and get back tot he hotel at 1 or 2am and get some sleep after a long day. 

If you are going to stay the night I would recommend staying at the hotel the evening before and going to the horse racing and then go home. 

It is much less tiring and costs the same amount of money. 

I think going to the horse racing followed by the casino, especially if you like a few drinks, can be very tiring. You may get to 11pm and want to call it a night. 

All in all, a day and night gambling at Great Yarmouth with the horse racing and Grosvenor Casino is exceptional value and very good fun. 

If you have a small win at the horses or the casino you can go there and come home without cost. 

In fact, that has happened on many occasions. 

I wouldn't like to choose which venue is better. And the good thing is that you don't need to choose because you can do both at little cost. 

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