There Is No Fool Like A Careless Gambler Who Starts Taking Victory For Granted. – Hunter S. Thompson

Walk Your Own Pace

In this modern world of spin and self-promotion, you have to question what is true. 

It's like saying the person with the loudest voice is always correct. And social media is very much the same. The truth of most ''influencers'' and ''authorities'' should be taken with a pinch of salt. 

In fact, I would worry about anyone within the gambling world who needs to blow their own trumpet. 

I always remember my Dad saying if he knew something he wouldn't say a word but just walk around with a smile on his face. 

You have only to follow these so-called authorities to see that they get people to follow them with the promise of giving something to help them move forward, or ''you are within touching distance'' if you only buy this worthless piece of shit (that's served-up as the most expensive dish on the menu until it lands on your plate). 

Now, I know no one is going to give you the secret to their success for a paltry sum.

Who would? 

I have lots of information that I could sell for big money but wouldn't because it would simply do me more harm than good. And it would destroy the information which can only be looked upon as a delicate little flower that needs nurturing rather than trampled by heavy feet even if they are carrying suitcases full of cash. 

That's why logic details you are never going to get much for your small money. 

And the reason why you literally get what you pay for. If it's cheap - it's cheap. 

Not to say everything thing expensive is worthy of the price tag.

I often have punters ask me how to improve their gambling. I always do my best to help people and don't want anything in return. In giving we receive. However, the likelihood of me detailing anything of true worth is none. 

Why would I work thousands of hours to just give something away when many people just take without even a word of thanks. 

I remember giving one of very few tips - an each-way treble. It came up and one reader won a couple of grand. I received a thank you. Not a penny in reward for forwarding basically three easy winners. In fact, the only thing the person was interested in was getting more of the same. 

I imagine for free. 

Even if they had paid big money who wants that? I have no intention of working or being responsible for anyone's business. You couldn't pay me enough to even register an interest. 

You know what I said to myself: ''I am never giving any tips to anyone again.''

There are many good people in this world but sadly, from my experience, an equal number of takers who literally feel they are doing you a favour by reading your words. 

All of those who are true, real and decent people I thank you more than you will ever realise. 

People know who they are. 

If you are an out-and-out taker you can disappear into the wide blue yonder. 

I truly don't need anyone when it comes to my gambling because beyond talking to three people about horse racing I don't say a word. And to be fair, I don't say much to them about the finer details because what difference is it going to make to my life?

Firstly, I am so used to doing my own thing that even if a trusted trainer gave me the nod I wouldn't be keen to bet. 


Because I don't need it and I don't want it. 

Also, I am pretty confident from a global perspective I know more. Their weakness is knowing about their horse but often know little about the others. 

Also, there are many ways to understand the same thing. That comes from knowledge and a lifetime of experience.  

When someone asks me about how to be a better gambler. I suggest they just do it themselves and find their own angle. If you follow someone else's method or rely on someone else you are in a weak position. 

You basically know nothing.  

If you want to be the best gambler you can simply work harder.  

And when you get there simply keep quiet because others need you more than you need them. 

And that's exactly how you want it. 

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