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It's Finally Happened...(Grosvenor Casino Great Yarmouth)

I'm all ears...

No, this isn't a conversation about Prince Charles and Camilla at the breakfast table. 

It's a moot point. I really don't feel like I want to to tell you about this gambling story but I have to out of common decency. 

After a string of wins at the Great Yarmouth Grosvenor Casino, the unthinkable has happened.  After a two-hour session playing roulette on one of the machine (trying to keep away from Coronavirus) I had to wave the white flag in defeat. 

So how much money had I lost? How many zeros should I stick after the number three?

Thankfully, it was simply £30. 

It isn't really a loss, hey, more of a slight inconvenience. I'm sure the bloke who lost three grand would be quite happy to have gone back to the moment of thirty quid. Poor soul. Perhaps a little bit of discipline may have helped on that score. 

I stuck to my guns on the number 30 (red). And, to be fair, it came up twice in the session but not ever close enough to put me in profit, so I could play with the casino's money. And little by little the credit went down and down...until it said zero. 

Considering about the last ten times I have won it was prime time to suffer a minor defeat. I'm still one of the very few who can say after going to the casino over the last few years, I'm still in profit to the tune of a few hundred quid. 

You know why I lost?

I picked the wrong number. 

Classic, hey. 

My approach is to pick a number that has come up a few times and I just stick with it for the long term. 

It's like investing in stocks and shares rather than the 2:40 at Kempton Park. 

If I had picked a couple of number (a short list) I would have been winning again. 

I know what you are saying: ''Well, everyone could say that!''

True, they could. 

I am confident I will be back soon(ish) and have another winning night. 

To be fair, I can play the roulette for a couple of hours but then I find it very boring. Even if I'm winning I can't play for no more than three hours.

It's just too much of the same thing - especially we me (Billy No Mates) stuck on my chosen single number for the duration. 

The highlight of the evening. Getting a promotional book of others for free bets, free drinks, match bets etc. 

And, the meal in the restaurant and drinks were 50% which made it as cheap as chips. 

You really need to get to the Grosvenor Casino at Great Yarmouth and take advantage of the offer. 

Easy money.

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