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How To Avoid Online Gambling Scams?

Online gambling saw a massive spike in the time of the Coronavirus pandemic. People were stuck at home during the lockdown and they are drawn to online activities such as gambling and other things. We are aware of the fact that the things which are in demand are prone to scams and fraud. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the types and nature of scams associated with online gambling. We will discuss all the essential details of online gambling scams and prevention measures in this article. For the betterment of your enjoyment and the safety of your funds do not miss any of the following lines. 

What are Online Gambling Scams? 

The online gambling scam can be explained simply. It is the instance where swindlers influence or abuse an online gambling site for their profit. The online gambling rules are meant for fair play, however, swindlers manipulate or break these rules to maximize winnings. Such rogue actors and swindlers use many techniques to perform scams and they are discussed below in a detailed fashion. 

Multiple Account Scam 

Multiple account scams also referred to as multi-accounting is a widely used scam type in online gambling. Such a scam provides multiple opportunities to scamsters in a single gameplay. For example, if poker is being played and a scammer has more than one account it can give him an advantage in winning that game. This scam can be performed using multiple devices or the use of a VPN. 


Gnoming is also multi-accounting but it is widely used for bet-based online gambling games. Many online gambling games have limitations on maximum betting. By using Gnoming, scammers can easily raise their bets and qualify for maximum winnings.

Bonus Abuse 

Many online gambling sites offer hefty bonuses to their players. However, players can create multiple accounts using different login credentials and use of VPN. Nevertheless, these bonuses are not much but site owners have to pay an extra amount to their existing users who have created different identities. 

Credit Card Frauds 

Credit Card Details provided to gambling websites can be stolen by scammers. These details can be used on the same platform by scammers for their benefit. 

Cashback Frauds 

Such type of fraud is performed by players when they lose a hefty amount of money on gambling websites. Players report credit card missing complaints to the authority and demand cashback from them. 

Ways to Eliminate Online Gambling Scams 

• Players must use a password that is strong and uses the alphabet, numerical and special characters. It is also helpful to activate two-factor authentication. 
• Use of identity verification tools. With such tools, players can identify other players' IPs, Locations, and Email details if they suspect any misbehavior. 
• Use of scam prevention software on devices. Such applications are fingerprint and face detection software. 

Gambling was always risky however its popularity and online presence made it riskier. We hope our detailed analysis is useful to you. Use mentioned prevention measures for the safety and security of your funds. Happy and Safe Gambling.

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