There Is No Fool Like A Careless Gambler Who Starts Taking Victory For Granted. – Hunter S. Thompson

People Watching & Eye Candy at the Casino

It's always interesting to people-watch at the casino. 

I love Great Yarmouth's Grosvenor Casino but the clientele (including myself) aren't the hippest people on earth. In the fashion stakes, they are a 50/1 shot, even when I am wearing my Ralph Lauren shirt

If you went to Monte Carlo, I guess the people match their Lamborghini outside the Hotel de Paris. 

However, at the Norfolk coast, you are talking more working-class hero on holiday who fancies fish and chips or a pasty if coming from further up North. 

The thing about people watching is that it doesn't matter if someone turns up wearing a potato sack and hat made from an inner tube. In fact, my attention would be caught by that person as I would be interested in their story. 

So there really are no weak links when it comes to people watching unless everyone dressed the same which isn't likely to happen and even then they would still have their own ways such as introvert and extrovert. 

The benefits of people watching at the casino:

  • You will always be surprised
  • Entertaining
  • Zero cost
I could come up with more benefits but I'd rather leave that to your imagination (not because I am lazy or anything).

A few people have stuck in my mind. Mostly big gamblers who didn't seem to give a toss whether they won or lost. Loud people who just catch the attention for all the wrong reasons. And those quiet people who are very interesting because they don't seem interesting at all. 

In ways, I can't remember too much because these are little things and something and nothing. 

Thankfully, I haven't seen anyone beaten up over the roulette wheel. 

As regards arm candy, you do see a few gentlemen with a younger lady. I've often wondered what their story is all about. It may be very innocent and straightforward. Although added to the people watching is my imagination which turns Miss Primandproper into a raving nymphomaniac. 

I hope no one is watching me watching you watching me...

I guess a little bit of arm candy is good for an evening out. It doesn't have to be a man with a woman as I'm sure a few ladies of a certain age have had their share of arm candy. I'm not sure if there is a male and female arm candy. Perhaps it is called something else. I will leave that for you to work out. 

We could all do with a bit of companionship at times. Luckily for me, I have been to the Grosvenor with my Beautiful Marlene who is stunning in every way. So, people may have seen me with my ''arm candy'' not realising it was my better half. 

Sometimes betting is a pain and you just need a little time out to see what's going on in the world. People watching is like bird watching. You see them feeding, fighting, doing the courtship dance, thankfully I've not noticed any mating, but I think a few have been building a nest. 

I really need a little book which details the different breeds so I can tick them off like a trainspotter searching for that elusive 95. 

People watching is one of those activities you just never get bored.