There Is No Fool Like A Careless Gambler Who Starts Taking Victory For Granted. – Hunter S. Thompson

I've Met a few Alan Whickers at the Casino

What I like about the casino crowd is that you get a mix of people. 

Men, women, different races, classes, and temperament. 

I guess in that sense you have a melting pot of difference which can be both good and bad. The roulette table can, perhaps, be the worst place to gamble because you get the transient gambler who has a love of flitting from one roulette table to the next. It's like they have ants in their pants or of such a curious nature they cannot help but wonder what's happening on two tables at once. 

I guess if you have cash on the hip you can do whatever you like. 

The problem at the Grosvenor Casino Great Yarmouth is that two of the roulette tables are adjacent to each other. 

So I've seen a good few players in the Alan Whicker mould. I wish these people were the real Alan because he always had a touch of class, educated, and a great storyteller. Instead, you find the seated players have some heavyweight (George Foreman of the roulette wheel) laying on your back as they try to play the game. If they hadn't gotten their hands full of chips, they would be wearing boxing gloves. The only consolation is that some have enough cash to buy a decent aftershave. While others are like heavily-sweating wildebeest. 

It's a jungle. 

When the roulette wheel is spinning and the croupier is about to say ''No more bets'' some random players will do whatever they need to do to get those chips down. They'll push in, an arm poking through any hole, a hand heading north like a comet passing Uranus.  

The worst seat in the house is at the roulette table. 

I hate to target people but I don't like the transient players. They are often rude, brazen, and self-interested. 

It takes all kinds of people to make the world go around. 

I think the good thing about the casino staff is that if you have a problem someone will listen and they will do their best to resolve the situation. 

However, like a roulette player, it's the worst seat in the house. 

But it may be the luckiest and sometimes you just have to bet on two tables at once. 

(Or that's what Alan Whicker would tell you.)