There Is No Fool Like A Careless Gambler Who Starts Taking Victory For Granted. – Hunter S. Thompson

Is My Luck Different to Yours?

It's a strange thing but some people seem naturally lucky.

I wonder what you think about that? 

My good friend Eric Winner says: ''The harder I work, the luckier I get.''

He's right. That means if you are an unlucky soul you just don't work hard enough. You tell me. I don't like to be critical (although I'm guessing the majority of gamblers are lazy). 

Yes, I know that's harsh. 

To be fair, I'm not interested in what other people do or don't do - because it doesn't change much, hey. 

However, is there any way we can get a little bit luckier. I'm not talking about killing a rabbit to steal one foot. 

At the casino, all the games, apart from poker, are fixed odds. You can try to bend the numbers like Uri Geller bends a spoon (it's done with magic) but you cannot change the odds. You may have seen people betting with the Martingale system where they keep doubling their bet. However, even doing so with tossing a coin and saying heads or tails will most likely see you knocking on the door of the poor house if not the mental asylum. 

So is it plain foolishness to imagine when we are betting on pure luck, trying to defy the odds, that there is any logic to it at all. 

It seems impossible and I'm pretty sure it is because how can you negate the house edge when betting roulette?

This idea of mine may seem absurd but I will say it anyway just in case you think it is humourous. 

There is no reason why I should be luckier than you when betting fixed odds. (Yes, I sound like a parrot). However, if you are betting and it is based on pure luck then your lucky streak has, in many ways, as much chance of landing on your lucky number. 

That's why I bet on a single number when playing roulette and stay on it just about all night long. 

True, it is as boring as anything but if I am going to be lucky, it will pay 35/1. 

So in that sense, my luck may be different to yours if you are betting on black or red, a corner or a line. 

Sometimes you just need a bit of luck.