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Why Drinking Alcohol at the Casino is a Bad Idea

Why Drinking Alcohol at the Casino is a Bad Idea
I wouldn't say I'm teetotal - but pretty close to it. 

Years ago, I used to play rugby union with my local club March Bears. It was good fun, a lively group of friends and there was always lots of beer flowing. In fact, they used to fill up a watering can and dispense grandma's medicine with efficiency. 

From there we would go out on the town and I'd walk home in the early hours and fall to sleep downstairs, wake up in about dawn, get to bed, and wake up a few hours later feeling terrible. 

The hangover from hell. 

I think those episodes slowly turned me into a non-drinker. 

I still like a drink, perhaps a couple of pints at most, but not when gambling. 

A day at the races followed by a night at the casino can be a long night when a high-volume of alcohol is on the cards (literally). So, at the races, I will have a shandy. For those who don't know what a shandy is (I'm sure you do), it is three-quarters lemonade and a quarter beer, lager. It makes for a refreshing drink, especially on a hot summer's day, and you don't have a fear of acting like an idiot (which too much drink does to most), and betting and alcohol aren't a good mix. 

I'm sure plenty of gamblers have lost a lot of cash by dancing with Mr. Moonshine. 

So, at the casino, after a day at the races, I make sure not a drop of alcohol goes past my lips. 

The good side of the casino is that you can get free soft drinks, tea, and coffee on the house.

It makes for an easier night out. 

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