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A Treasure Map From Outer Space: A Gambler's Perspective

As the man said: ''People will kill for this!''

So what's the man talking about?

A Treasure Map from outer space. Literally. While flying in space, Gordon Cooper, observed shipwrecks from the spacecraft of the legendary Mercury 7 flights. Who would have believed it. He gave this map to his good friend who is on the quest to find billions of pound in hidden treasure. 

Cooper's Treasure. 

I think one of my greatest impressions of this flight makes man feel rather small and insignificant to see all of the great beauties that there are available to see from space, and realise just how small one individual is compared to this great universe.

Gordon Cooper, Mercury 7.

The map helped identify shipwrecks, later discovered, worth half a billion pounds, and more to come. 

So what can this tell us about gambling and winning?

Who would have thought you could narrow down your search for gold, silver and precious stones on a shipwreck from several thousand feet in the sky?

So, perhaps, looking from afar can help you find something that you couldn't see in front of your nose. 

Could this be the same for you?

From my horse racing perspective, I can understand how this perspective can help find gold. In fact, I know one gentleman who has done the same in what could well be the ''millionaire system''. 

You think I'm kidding, I couldn't be more serious.

And that's the importance of this post. It isn't telling you how to make a million pound gambling but it is very much the story of those gamblers who have thought about horse racing, poker, blackjack, slot machines or whatever subject you can imagine - from their own perspective. 

The gold is waiting for you. 

It's not going to be easy to find but it's like a shipwreck that's easier to see from outer space.

One thing that surprises me and it will surprise you too, there is a million ways to look at the same thing. And each of those perspectives could lead you to riches. Very few people dig below the surface. If you don't get beyond the everyday data that the likes of the Racing Post reader digests on a daily basis, you are lost. 

Very few punters, gamblers, investors dig that little bit deeper but that is where the money is hidden. Just like the sea, the gold and silver sink deeper into the mud. 

You will be amazed what you can find. Basically, your own unique way of assessment which leads to cutting-edge knowledge. Your very own data that is akin to a treasure map where x marks the spot.

The truth is in the sand. 

If you want to prove it, prove it. 

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