There Is No Fool Like A Careless Gambler Who Starts Taking Victory For Granted. – Hunter S. Thompson

Betting With Matchsticks Changed My Life

Betting often gets a bad press. 

I can understand the pros and cons. To be fair unless you have experience gambling you really shouldn't bet with anything other than matchsticks. 

You may say: ''Why would you bother!''

No one's forcing you to bet. 

However, compared with betting cold, hard cash you'll be doing yourself a favour by betting Swan Vestas. 

Betting real money for fun, in my opinion, is a ridiculous idea. Losing isn't fun. Who wants to be a loser? 

If you do, you should question why and stop.

So why would you want to bet with matchsticks?

Because you can learn and understand how to win. You may learn something which helps make your whole life a success.

That small action can make a meaningful difference. 

Betting isn't about money. That may sound a stupid comment but it's true. Betting is all about understanding your subject matter. It may be poker, horse racing, greyhounds, stocks and share, even betting on the weather. 

It doesn't matter what popular or obscure subject you follow with a passion.

The word passion is important. 

What matters is that you enjoy your subject matter with a passion and motivated to learn more. Your starting point to betting real money is when you know your subject more than your average Joe. In fact, you should wish to know much more than your seasoned punter and feel you are exceptionally knowledgeable. 


Because if you don't, you will lose.

That's why you bet with matchsticks because a box of a hundred red-headed splinters of wood costs little. 

Knowledge is power. You don't, generally, win money because you bet cold, hard cash. Money is simply a token for something else. 

You should and shouldn't worry about betting cold hard cash. Because you should worry with regard to your knowledge. 

If you know little about your subject matter - you know little, full stop. You are guaranteed to lose. That loss doesn't need to happen and it shouldn't be acceptable. 

Use your understanding of the gamble to bet wisely.

Gambling is criticised by many for good reason. But what you have to understand is that you can actually learn a lot about life from gambling. If you don't want to gamble then that's your decision but simply ignoring that many aspects of your life are a gamble simply means your are naive, and whether you like it or not, you are lacking for that absence of knowledge. 

Don't fool yourself that thinking your life isn't a gamble means you are free of its influence or power.

You are the ostrich with your head in the sand. 

I hate to be critical, but your assessment is ridiculous.  

Gambling doesn't have to cost you a penny because the power of understanding is all in the mind, learning and the assimilation of knowledge.

You cannot escape the gambles within your life. You should embrace them and understand that by learning you may put the odds in your favour.  

It's like learning to speak a different language which brings you insight. 

For example if I said to you: ''Voulez-vous cent livres gratuitement''

Your lack of understanding the French language would have cost you £100. 

Understanding gambling is the same. 

Betting matchsticks may seem a waste of time. However, it could well be the best investment of your life - if you learn something. 

Being a successful gambler, literally, has nothing to do with money. 

If you can't see that you're a loser waiting to happen. 

The next time you say you don't gamble. Think about it. You're a gambler and you're naive. 

You shouldn't be either. 

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