There Is No Fool Like A Careless Gambler Who Starts Taking Victory For Granted. – Hunter S. Thompson

I'm Lovin' My Feedback

Sometimes it pays to have an opinion. 


Not only is it good for the gambler's soul, it's good for the company in question.

My beloved Grosvenor Casino, Great Yarmouth. 

I felt robbed without even placing a chip on the roulette table. How could it happen to me, the eternal winner?

As usual, you're probably reading the first paragraph (or two) and thinking 'what's she talking about?'

As Frank Spencer said on many occasions: ''I'm a man!'

Like a canary coming out of the mine, I had always sung the praises of the Grosvenor Casion, Great Yarmouth. Keep reading, nothing has change since the postman pushed something through my letterbox.

I can't imagine Lord Nelson ever uttered those words. 

His feedback rang to the sound of cannons and musket balls.   

If you have never been to this listed building down Marine Parade, a short walk from the Andover House Hotel at Camperdown (yes, we stay there too) you are missing out. It has a touch of the Casino Royals about the place. 

Well, we had a few nights at the casino while on a gambling spree taking in the sights and enjoying the horse racing at the three-day Eastern Festival (Mid-September). 

I just loved every minute. 

I even got to meet my blogging friend Jerry Banks, who lives a stone's throw away at Lowestoft. 

Anyway, we normally take our racing badge and when presented at the cashier's office at the Casino they give you a voucher for a free match bet and alcoholic drink. So, basically, it's like turning up and someone gives you a tenner on the house. A nice little incentive for giving a toss (you might say).

Shock horror. My brother went to the cashiers thingmebob and presented the racing badge and the person looked at it and didn't have the slightest idea what he was talking about. 

The offer had ceased. 

This was bad news for the Fens Boys, who had travelled the Bittern Line from March in Cambridgeshire to Great Yarmouth.

Not being funny, but we don't bet a great deal of cash at the casino. Fixed odds and all that. And this free bet and drink helped keep the odds in our favour. As it happened, my winning spree continued with £75 in cash. I must be one of few people who is winning money at the casino after several years. 

I know some of you don't believe I'm winning but that because you just aren't very trusting. 

Well, on return from our gambling holiday, I sent the Grosvenor Casino, Great Yarmouth a message via their Facebook page, giving my valuable feedback. 

It is valuable, too. 

I just say it as it is. 

Disappointing to see the incentives vanished. 

They replied thanking me.

And a week ago I received a letter from the said casino offering me a complimentary meal, bottle of wine and free bet for myself and one lucky devil of my choice. 

All of a sudden I feel very popular. 

This is the equivalent of being given £50 for 'nothing'. Well, my valuable feedback. 

I calculate it at a pound a word. 

I love Grosvenor Casino, Great Yarmouth. 

You never disappoint. 

Thank you. 

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