There Is No Fool Like A Careless Gambler Who Starts Taking Victory For Granted. – Hunter S. Thompson

When Your Friend Bets Too Much

Gambling isn't something that should be done easily. 

Once upon a time you'd have to go to the bookies to place a bet. This modern world has made everything so much easier. As we know with gambling addiction, it's not all good news. The temptation is always there. In realistic terms addiction is very much a personal problem. I gamble but don't consider myself addicted. I don't bet for fun which brings some balance to my approach. Without rules there is the potential for chaos. 

Where do you stop if you don't make a decision? 

Without questions there can be no opportunity to find an answers, and without answers there can be no understanding. 

The problem with most gamblers is that they are naive. It's not really a problem because it's just part of the process of understanding. All too often in life we are two steps behind. We look back and see we made a mistake, had poor judgment, or were just as green as the grass. It's at those points of reflection we need to find the strength, support and wisdom to change the future and make rational decisions. 

It's easier said than done, else people would stop. 

How many of us eat too much, drink too much, bet too much? How many of you simply cannot control those urges? 

Alcohol abuse seems a natural factor of life. No one questions it. Too few people says: 'This shouldn't be advertised on TV?' 

It's the same with gambling. 

But how do you draw the line when the majority have no problem? Even if they are reckless at times it is within a spectrum that is acceptable for the individual or society. 

I know of a couple of people in my family (relatives) who have had problems gambling. I was surprised and disappointed to hear this news. It made me wonder if my interest in gambling had made them bet or bet more. I don't think so, but I wouldn't like to think I pointed someone in the direction of addiction. 

It's a difficult subject to broach. Sadly, we only hear of these problems after the event. When someone has lost their savings, relationship, marriage and life. 

Gambling addiction (like any addiction) is by its very nature complicated. Those within its grasp may feel powerless to stop. I would say that we all have a responsibility for ourselves and actions. These take strength but we have two choices in life: battle on or give up. None of us can take the latter because life is worth so much more. 

If you gamble on a regular basis and lose, you have the answer to your question.


If you need to learn more, then do so without betting cold, hard, cash. You don't need to bet money to learn. In fact, it will make you a wiser gambler doing exactly that. 

If you have a gambling addiction, or someone says you have, then listen to them. Find the strength to ask for help because people care. They want to help you make your life what it should be. 

Don't bet for fun. 

It is the most futile thing you will ever do. 

It will only lead to loss.

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