There Is No Fool Like A Careless Gambler Who Starts Taking Victory For Granted. – Hunter S. Thompson

Getting Lucky at the Casino Finding Chips on the Floor

I wonder if the cleaner at the Grosvenor Casino Great Yarmouth gets to keep any chips they find while doing their daily deep clean.

You may have seen a punter having a bit of luck on the roulette table and they give the croupier a tip. They have this little bell they ring (kind of like the ones you see in hotel receptions). They ''bing bing'' it two or three times, I guess to acknowledge to the other staff someone has a generous spirit. In return, one or maybe more croupiers ring a bell confirm it has happened. Perhaps, somewhere, there is a person writing all this stuff down in a little book. 

I like to imagine it's the cleaner doing a bit of overtime. 

I presume the punter feels it will bring them more luck very much in the way a churchgoer gives an offering or a seed in the hope the good Lord looks down on them favourably. 

It may be the case they are taking part in a psychology experiment performed by the deceased B.F.Skinner, who was a behavourist and loved to learn about Classical Conditioning. Similar to Ivan Pavlov and the association of ringing a bell before the dogs are fed and noticing they salivate to the sound of a bell whether the food comes or not. 

I wonder when the croupier rang the bell if one of the women waiting for her meal in the restaurant started to salivate? 


Anyway, the bell ringing (campanology if you are a churchgoer) is mainly to show they haven't just stashed a chip in their pocket. I bet they have to wait for a long time between drinks to get some lucky free cash. (Hopefully not). 

I must admit, I can't imagine a more depressing, soul-destroying occupation than watching people losing money and the look of the desperation of an addict at work. If you have a gambling problem - please stop.

I'm sure the casino owners fear staff swagging a few chips more than the players. I'm pretty sure the general public only get their chips by paying for them with cold, hard cash. 

The last time I went to the Grosvenor Casino at Great Yarmouth, I waltzed up to see my cousins playing 3-card poker. As it happened they were doing well and up a few bob. I looked under the table and noticed a couple of £5 chips laying on the floor. 

They went into my pocket. I didn't even need to turn a card. Sweet. 

I guess the cleaners must find a few chips from a hapless punter or one too drunk to bother to search for a rolling chip. I guess some of the punters are so old they can't bend down to touch their toes or grab a few quid when you're a high roller. I'm a low roller, so I'd chase a 50p chip like a dog after a ball.

Who knows what happens as the wheel of fortune spins. 

Then next time I get a big win I will give a tip to the croupier at the table. When he rings that bell I'll say: ''That's for the cleaner.''

Good luck. 

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