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In Memory of Eric Arnold

Eric Arnold was a friend I never met. 

He loved his horse racing at his favourite racecourse, Uttoxeter. He enjoyed his two-year-old horse racing and, like me, a keen blogger, and his website was called We Go Racing. He was knowledgable, informative, humourous, and loved by many.

One day, Eric emailed me to say he had been rushed into hospital as he was having a heart attack.  

I said if I could help in any way I was here. A few days past and hadn't heard anything and was worried for Eric and his family. 

Then I heard the sad news that he had passed away. 

He was in his sixties.  

I often think about Eric. Such a sad loss of such a kind and generous man. I was blessed to have chatted with him via email. 

There is no fairness in life. 

Eric was generous enough to write a number of posts on my blog On The Gallops. 

He used the pen name Bejabez and this was the first post entitled: First Blog.

It was interesting that in one of the posts Eric mentioned how a tipping service couldn't or wouldn't ever detail their best information because it wouldn't be in their interests.

He was correct. 

For a good few years, I used to give my tips and information away for free. To be honest, the idea of selling tips has never appealed to me simply because I like to do things for myself. And if someone paid me £30 a month and I am responsible for their fortunes it is a potential problem I don't need. 

I don't want anyone to contact me with a problem and I don't really need any congratulation.

So, my life is all the better for not dipping my toe into the piranha-infested pond. 

I think not only is it filled with fish with sharp teeth, perhaps a great white shark.  

Eric was right and a wise man who I respected greatly. I would have loved to have met him and his loving family. A beautiful day at Uttoxeter races. It would have been a wonderful day. 

I didn't get the opportunity to say goodbye to Eric but I have said those words many times to him in mind. 

I would simply like to thank you for being someone who made my days brighter and our love of two-year-old horse racing will shine for us both. 

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