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Why a Casino Makes a Perfect Birthday Venue

You may wonder why I suggest going to a casino for a birthday bash. 

Surely, there are much better places to go? Just stay at home and tuck into that Victoria sponge your old aunt made. 

As you may know, if you read this blog, I love to visit Great Yarmouth and the Grosvenor Casino. In fact, I'm sure most of you think I have shares in the company. 

Nothing to do with The Rank Group. 

So why would you want to go to a casino for a birthday party?

I've actually got experience of this as I saw my cousin sashay about the casino and get lots of freebies. One thing about casinos is they want to keep their customers happy. They rarely say no! That's a real blessing for those who want a free birthday cake, free pint and even a free match bets. In fact, if you make the staff smile you will be well looked after all night long. 

My cousins managed to get a few pints and while playing three card poker, they even brought a birthday cake with umpteen lit candles and a rendition of ''Happy Birthday to you...'' I think they stopped at the part ''I saw a fat monkey and I thought it was you!''

Anyway, the freebies must have added up to £30 or so. Not bad for an enjoyable night at the casino. 

Great Yarmouth is a brilliant seaside destination and a place I have many fond memories all to do with our childhood holidays at Caister-on-sea, a stone's throw from Great Yarmouth. With the racecourse, greyhound track and a couple of casinos to choose from it is a location where gamblers can go and have some fun. 

In fact, you can get a hotel as cheap as cheap, or spend a little more and enjoy a stay at Andover House Hotel, at Camperdown. They have a lovely place, no children under 13 allowed and they don't have idiots shouting about in the middle of the night, which seems a hazard every time I'm stopped at the Comfort Hotel (they really need to change their name to Permanently Harassed Hotel).

Anyway, I love Great Yarmouth and for a Jolly Boys Outing, it's the place to be. 

Definitely stop by Pamela's Restaurant down Wellington Road, about two hundred metes from Andover House and the Grosvenor Casino. However, you won' be getting a free cake from there, bu it will taste good.

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