There Is No Fool Like A Careless Gambler Who Starts Taking Victory For Granted. – Hunter S. Thompson

You Can't Have A Big Appetite in Someone Else's Refrigerator

You know, I often watch Judge Judy. 

One American lady who knows what's right from wrong and puts people their place. I can't help but think she would make a great President of the United States. Every country needs a judge who follows the rules with truthful and often cutting, humourous comments. 

She's a good judge of character. 

Anyway, I love her quotes. 

One of her favourites being: ''No good deed goes unpunished!''

I know from experience this is true. That's why I have very little interest in most people and keep good deeds to a minimum unless I am pretty damn sure the person would do the same for me. I treat people as they treat me. For that reason, takers, idiots, jokers, scammers and lunatics should take an about turn five miles before entering my air space. 

I love all those good, kind, generous & decent people. 

Judge Judy said of one plaintiff: ''You can't have a big appetite in someone else's refrigerator.''

She's correct. 

It's the same in the gambling world and giving information, especially when it is free. 

As my good friend Eric Winner says: ''There are too many takers.''

I hate to say it, but there is a glut of people who feel they can take with abundance and very, very, very infrequently say thank you. 

It shouldn't be a surprise when I read that people who purchase items seldom give a review. It's about one in a hundred. And, I suspect they are the ones who give one star and comments to wreck the chance of anymore sales. 

I guess if you are giving stuff away you shouldn't have much of an expectation. In fact, I'm pretty sure the hardest sell is giving something away for free. And if you are looking for a pat on the back you may find it's on the arse as you've grown three feet in the passing years. 

Basically, you can't have rich tastes if you don't have money in your pocket. It's like going round a friends for the evening and while they pop out to get a few cans of beer you eat everything in the fridge. 

It's not the done thing. So what, you were hungry!

The next time you take something for free - appreciate the time, cost or money it took to keep you informed.

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