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The Bonus of all Bonuses

Watching TV. 

A program called Yianni: Supercar Customiser. Where owner Yianni Charalambous, a lovely real down-to-earth guy, helps transform the cars of the rich and famous by wrapping their vehicles to make them look even more bright and beautiful.

This episode featured the owner of Billericay Football Club, Glenn Tamplin, who wanted his impressive Ferrari wrapped in a design incorporating the home and away football kit. 

The car before and after looked amazing. 

How can you go wrong with a Ferrari? 

But what interested me more is the story of Glenn Tamplin. Without question, he is a very motivated man who has succeeded to own a very lucrative business AGP Steel. 

He lives in his Essex mansion which cost £20M and owns a fleet of luxury cars. 

He worked hard for his money and is very charitable too.

I love to hear how people make their money and what inspired them to success. 

He started out working as a salesman at the age of 16 - 25. In fact, he was the top salesman in the company with a company car, and happy with his lot. 

Every Christmas, employees were given a bonus. 

Tamplin had secured a £2M contract and was hopeful of a bonus of all bonuses.

He opened an envelope to see two £25 Argos vouchers!

Disillusioned,  he mortgaged his house for £50,000 and set up his own business. 

Today, his company has an annual turnover of £60M. 

Sometimes the worst bonus is the best bonus.

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